Iptor Cloud Services

In an increasingly dynamic and flexible market – where rapid change has become part of everyday life – you need solutions that allow you to only pay for the data capacity you actually use in a given situation and that the costs are at a competitive level.

Problems & Considerations

Many companies face a series of issues in running their own IT operations. These, sometimes overwhelming issues, could be:

  • Having capacity in the datacenter at an affordable cost to support periodic performance peaks throughout the year.
  • Investing for the future through choosing the right system for optimum operations, considering business conditions as they are today and may be tomorrow.
  • Building and maintaining a data center, while keeping the current system up and running 24/7 and free from maintenance.
  • Changing a system rapidly without over-paying for the change.
  • Ensuring the right discipline on critical areas like incident management, backup storage and routines as well as recovery testing of backups.
  • Maintaining system knowledge among personnel who are pressed to remain available around the clock.
  • Keeping track of software and hardware services and warranty extensions to ensure fast recovery after a system issue.


Whatever your needs, questions, problems, concerns or doubts might be – it is worth contacting Iptor.

All of this is made easy with Iptor Private Cloud Solutions






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Solutions & Benefits

The term “Cloud computing” has become more popular in the recent years. Several terms like “what is cloud hosting, why cloud computing” is being searched by people due to the buzz. It associated with the use of worldwide network of computers with massive use of physical or virtual servers for the allocation of a computing environment. The high speed data transmission enables a company to access the necessary computing resources in real time, via an integrated network of applications, services and devices, regardless of where the resources are, who owns and maintains them.

With our flexible Cloud solutions you can increase your competitive advantages and at the same time feel secure since all equipment is monitored, 24 hours a day, all year round, and a Customer Service Manager (CSM) always supports our service desk.

Some fast facts about Iptors Cloud Services

  • Data Centers are all located within Europe
  • Enterprise level Security
  • Private clouds on the IBM Power, Win, Linux, Unix-platform
  • HA/DR-solutions
  • Backup solutions
  • Archive/Decommission solutions
  • IceBox solutions
  • Fast setup test and development solutions


ERP in the Cloud

Cloud computing, for example, has opened up ERP to many companies that may have previously viewed the software as too expensive and labor intensive to install and manage.

Iptor provide Cloud solutions for ERP-systems like;

  • IBS Enterprise / ASW
  • Infor M3 / Movex
  • IFS
  • SAP


With our know-how in applications, hardware, software and systems management, we are well positioned to be your application services provider, offering “One-Stop Shop” capabilities.


We make it easy to move to the cloud

Take the first step – contact us and we will be happy to tell you more how we can help you into the cloud.