POWER8 systems – The next big innovation

In April 2014 IBM announced systems based on new open innovations from the POWER8 processor and system design. The Power platform is the most open server platform in the market right now and with servers that are highly innovative – and Power is now ready for new applications on Linux. POWER8 technology is basically based on what comes from the work of the Open Power Foundation. It is fully in line with the goal of getting Power ready for Linux and around the task of creating the capacity to handle large data.

POWER8 is designed to be a massively multithreaded chip, capable of handling 96 hardware threads simultaneously. The chip makes use of very large amounts of on- and off-chip eDRAM caches, and on-chip memory controllers enable very high bandwidth to memory and system I/O. For most workloads, the chip is said to perform two to three times as fast as its predecessor, the POWER7.

8 fast facts that we want you to know before we book a meeting to let you know what it means to your business


  • Easier management with greater control saves time
  • Access to more capacity in a few minutes



  • Even more reliable operation with less downtime
  • Future-proof with open ecosystem, open standards and open source



  • 3-6x fewer cores reduce your licensing costs
  • Batch production runs, goes 5-10x faster
  • Minimize operational costs through lower payments for support, electricity, cooling and space
  • Pay for what you use with dynamic resources

POWER8 technology designed for big data

Big data projects need a lot of compute power – they need to run the algorithms as fast as possible and across many cores and threads. They also require a lot of memory since big data requires a large working space to do it’s calculations and manipulations on the data. When you are handling a lot of data that is coming in and you need to ingest it, move it, store it and quickly access it, then you need a system that can handle that – POWER8 does the job.

With the POWER8 systems, IBM has taken every one of those basic principals of compute, memory, I/O and storage, and have dramatically increased them. IBM say they got 50 percent more cores, twice the number of threads, and then they add some of the innovative capability from OpenPOWER on top of that and it takes it up even greater.

You can order your POWER8 today

It runs “everything” and probably a lot cheaper than the system you have today
Power 8 is supported by the IBM i 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3 releases in addition to AIX 6.1 and 7.1 as well as Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 and POWER8 systems will become generally available in June.

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