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Iptor Services and Managed Services is your “one stop IT shop”

Iptor maintains data centers all over Europe, where we deliver managed services to more than 100 customers internationally.
With our know-how in applications, hardware, software and systems management, we are well positioned to be your application services provider, offering “One-Stop Shop” capabilities. We have packaged solutions in ERP, supply chain management, warehouse management, e-business applications, ERP and archiving and standard application solutions such as e-mail. Our offerings are priced on a monthly payment per user, or capacity-based.

Why a Subscription Service Makes Sense for IT?

  • No IT infrastructure, no specialized IT personnel and lower IT costs
  • More effective allocation of scarce resources
  • Improved cost control and efficiency
  • Secure Internet work environment
  • Reliable and timely backups
  • Flexibility

Application Cloud

Ensuring the right level of service for your organisation on your IT platform can be an issue for many IT departments. The need for the right level of hardware to support the software platforms can be complex and demand from users change over time. Read more…

Iptor PowerCloud™

Iptor PowerCloud – the secure, flexible, reliable and robust service that dramatically can reduce your cost. Iptor PowerCloud give you the ability to customize your IBM Power System capacity needs in a timely and cost effective manner. 
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Iptor PolyCloud™

Iptor PolyCloud effectively harnesses your x86/Windows environments.

Through Iptor PolyCloud, it is possible to customize the x86/Windows capacity needs in a timely and cost effective way. 
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Iptor IceBox Cloud™

Iptor IceBox Cloud is the smart way to preserve legacy applications, decommission of application. Iptor IceBox Cloud is an affordable option for saving applications that have outlived their production value, but must still remain available to satisfy for legal or historical business requirements.
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Remote Monitoring Service

We bring Data Center level Managed Services to you, and we can do it remotely. Your server does not even have to be located in any of our top modern and secure data centers to benefit from professional managed services. We can deliver technical support and server mainte-nance remotely, or as some say – the service of Insight. Read more…

High Availability

How many weeks, days, hours, minutes or seconds can your business survive if one of your business critical systems fail? Iptor’s High Availability and Disaster Recovery Services (HA & D/R) provide a way for clients to acquire high availability or disaster recovery computer capacity without having to own their own system for this. Read more…

Disaster recovery

Whether you need help backing up important databases or architecting a complex HA and replication solution across multiple data centers, we have the expertise, technologies, and services that your plan needs. Learn more about our Disaster Recovery Services.
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Hardware hosting

Iptor Hardware Hosting is a way for our customers to have a secure environment, in Iptors data centers, for their critical systems. It also gives the customer the ability to buy into the monitoring, incident management and a variety of other high quality services from Iptor.
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Technical Service Consulting

Iptor have the certified technical consultants who possess extensive experience in analyzing business needs, designing system architecture, and developing, implementing, maintaining and supporting all of your IBM Power Systems and Wintel systems.
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