American Hotel Register Company Upgrades WMS for Maximum Visualization

New “gamified” WMS solution saves 4-5 hours per day through real-time reporting.


As the world’s premier hospitality supplier celebrating 150 years in business, American Hotel Register Company offers 50,000 items, 1,600 national brands, over 2,500 best-value Registry® items, plus an expanding portfolio of ecofriendly products. Customers have the advantage of timely delivery anywhere in the world. The company’s global supply chain solutions include ownership of Amsterdam-based Intros Hotel Supplies, market leader in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and its extensive network of distribution centers throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

As a result of continued business growth, American Hotel realized it had outgrown its current warehouse management system (WMS), and wanted to further streamline daily order processing and picking operations. The time had come for a new WMS to support future growth, and American Hotel chose Iptor’s solution.

The Challenge

At the top of the list was an automated dispatching process. The system would also have to provide open integration with other technologies, such as voice picking, to ensure extendability across the warehouse floor.

Real-time reporting and alerting on order fulfillment, as well as a refined replenishment process, was also high on the list. Last, but not least, a streamlined receiving process was essential to meeting American Hotel’s WMS upgrade mission.

In Response

Iptor offered a solution to all of American Hotel’s requirements. Through automated, rules-based wave management and replenishment, the company was able to eliminate manual sortation and create multiple, tailored options to proactively release orders by type (i.e., specialty, international, priority, on hold, etc.).

The Iptor solution was game-changing for us. It delivered everything we had hoped for in a WMS and more. We look forward to many positive returns on this system and appreciate all the expertise and personal attention Iptor brought to the table.

The Solution

American Hotel worked with Iptor to define specific rules around every picking and replenishment scenario, from what equipment was available at any specific warehouse, to the training level of individuals on staff who would perform the work during any given shift. Due to improved visibility and management of real-time supply and demand, American Hotel was able to pick almost 99 percent of its orders at floor level, creating unprecedented warehouse efficiencies.

The Iptor solution was also integrated with Lucas Systems voice picking equipment for order picking.

By presenting a highly graphical visualization of the warehouse situation on a single screen, Iptor gave American Hotel managers the ability to view all current information as a snapshot in time, drilling down into any details necessary to manage warehouse actions in real time.

The ability to visualize order types, modes of transportation, number of orders in queue, orders completed, and other details at a glance, to then link those details to the integrated actions and tasks required to dispatch the orders, effectively “gamified” American Hotel’s warehouse management system for ease of use and a more intuitive flow of operations.

The Outcome

After implementing the Iptor’s solution, American Hotel has saved an average 4-5 hours per day in management time, or up to 9 hours per day during heavy volume periods. The integration to Lucas Systems effectively tied voice picking to real-time reporting and alerting for improved travel times and productivity, which has resulted in significant labor savings.

With its “gamified,” point-and-click, drag-and-drop functionality, Iptor gave American Hotel a visually arresting, single-user interface for initiating actions and tasks, with reporting and alerting provided in real time.

American Hotel is now leveraging these new system advantages:

  1. Outbound wave management, picking, staging, and loading status
  2. Inbound scheduling, appointment, and yard/container management
  3. Inventory management (slotting) and replenishment plans
  4. Cycle counting programs and inventory status (holds, quality control, etc.)

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American Hotel Register Company Upgrades WMS for Maximum Visualization