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When Customers Run the Warehouse

A view of the not-so-distant future of distribution management In this recent article featured in Parcel Magazine, IBS CEO Doug Braun discussed the importance of knowing your customer. The way products move from manufacturer to warehouse to distributor to consumer is ultimately driven by consumer behavior. The better you know your customer, the more effectively […]

Webinar: IBS Dynaman Turns Your Warehouse into Your Biggest Asset

Advanced warehouse management functionality has become a competitive advantage for many of our customers, especially those that require tracking value added services for their customers, managing customer-owned or supplier-owned inventory, and handling sophisticated logistics including yard management.

IBS Expands Cloud Computing Solutions

IBS Cloud Applications are the Most Comprehensive Offerings Available for Distributors and Manufacturers STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 15, 2012 — International Business Systems (IBS), a global leading integrated ERP and supply chain provider, today announced the expansion of its traditional on-premise applications into the cloud, making it the industry’s most secure offering available with service level […]

IBS Announces Global Launch of Advanced Warehouse Management Product for the Mid-Market

First Real-time Distribution Chain Management Product Closes the Loop Between Supply and Demand STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Nov. 7, 2012 – International Business Systems (IBS), a global leading integrated ERP and supply chain provider, today announced it has globally launched Dynaman advanced warehouse management solution designed solely for the mid-market. “The supply chain is evolving at an […]

Webinar: Break down complex decision making with IBS BI

Do you need to break down the complex, cross functional barriers that impede effective decision making due to disconnected spreadsheet-type analysis and people intensive, highly manual reporting across your organization?  Eliminate the static reporting, people intensive, highly manual spreadsheet chaos that keeps you from realizing your true business potential.

IBS Enterprise Available on IBM PureFlexSystems

IBS Enterprise streamlines, automates and accelerates the critical supply chain processes that determine your success from inventory planning, purchasing and supplier management through warehouse optimization, value-added services, demand management and returns processing. IBS Enterprise is now available on IBM PureFlexsystems, an infrastructure system that provides an integrated computing system, which combines servers, storage, networking, virtualization, […]

Rörvik to develop with IBS Wood and IBS RPM

SOLNA, Sweden, June 29th, 2012 – Rörvik Timber is a wood processing company that operates ten production units in Southern Sweden. The group comprises seven saw-mills, a pressure impregnation department and units for construction profiles and stable bedding. The group has the capacity to process 950,000 m3 of sawn timber goods annually. Rörvik Timber’s business is […]

IBS Hires New Chief Executive Officer

Supply Chain Veteran to Take the Helm at Global Distribution Company SOLNA, Sweden, May 2, 2012 – International Business Systems (IBS), a top global integrated ERP and supply chain provider, today announced it has named Doug Braun, a former RedPrairie executive with more than 30 years of supply chain experience, as chief executive officer. Christian […]