We have ambitious targets in front of us. Besides strengthening our position as leading provider of cloud solutions for Distribution and Publishing businesses, we want to use our unique proposition in new and existing SMB spaces. This will be about taking already established and leading products in their current markets from sales through to final delivery.

We are already growing at a rapid pace delivering personalized solutions to each customer scenario. Once live, our quality, speed and accuracy of support becomes our key differentiator. No one likes slow and impersonal support; we need to be on (and by) our customers side when they need our help. Think of the best support you’ve ever had and double or even triple the effect. This is the moment to up our game!

Although based in India, our customer support is global and there will be requirement to work either in Singapore/UK/US time zone as per support roster and requirements.

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Your Help And Contributions
To Our Journey:

As a member of the Customer Support Team your focus is to resolve post-sales customer inquiries on Iptor products especially Iptor Exchange, which is Iptor EDI offering. This hands-on position requires broad engineering competence and in-depth technical knowledge of iSeries systems, EDI processes and terminology and user experience design.

Together with our multi-disciplined teams across the organization you will also need to act as a named point of contact for support issues that come in from our customers. Some will be easy to fix, others might need you to execute some training. But we’re not infallible; occasionally there may be a bug in the system and so you’ll need to co-ordinate with Professional Services and Product Development to figure out the root cause of the issue and then how we are going to resolve it.

Some of the things, that will be important along the journey, are:

  • A strong bias of “ownership” – their problem becomes your problem
  • Pro-active communication – we don’t leave people “hanging”
  • Having a basic understanding of technology, the ability to learn about what we do and how we do it and to be “hands on” as appropriate
  • Ability to cross learn from peers and self-learn through experience
  • Collaborate with programmers and internal staff to test new or modified systems
  • Coordinating with EDI trading partners to resolve all production issues and perform transaction tests according to specification and maintain all transaction sets
  • Providing action plans and set proper expectations to ensure customer expectations are properly managed and issues are resolved to customer’s satisfaction in a timely manner
  • Providing exceptional support to our customers either by telephone or electronically, documenting the issue, or collecting logs, troubleshooting wherever necessary
  • Presenting regular status updates to stakeholders across the company and customer

Actively contributing to the development and overall success of the CS team

Your Talents:

First and foremost, we are looking for team members with the right level of passion to be part of the exciting journey in front of us. In addition to that, there is a wide range of different talents that you can bring into your work and life as Iptorian:

  • You already have experience in customer support – facing off
  • People get tense when they have an issue; you have a calming demeanor and transmit an aura of capability and assurance as you communicate
  • You are not shy in owning issues and being responsible for resolution
  • You don’t have to write the manual; but good written skills documenting technical workarounds, solutions and methods will help you, the client and others next time
  • You have experience in ERP systems with strong knowledge of Distribution, Inventory and Financials modules.
  • You have comprehensive knowledge of RPG, RPG ILE, CL, and good understanding of IBMi architecture – Subsystems, jobs, queues
  • It’s also great if you already have understanding of EDI concepts, Java and web services.
  • It even gets better if you also have knowledge of Iptor internal IT systems DC1 (ASW) or IP1 (Bookmaster), and third-party supplier like Qlik and Adobe AEM
  • Also, you are culturally sensitive to the different countries and markets you are operating across

And if those talents are combined with the right personality skills to work in a highly dynamic team, we can’t wait to have you on board:

  • Ability to ask open questions to understand clearly and then diagnose the root cause
  • Good detail-orientation; ability to critically think
  • Tenacity and persistence coupled with an ability to deal with change and unknowns
  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple customer issues in a fast-paced environment
  • Great organizational skills – where you can’t fix it, you will rely on others
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English
  • Ability to grasp concepts and ideas quickly, along with the ability to test and fail fast and be open with people where you are not sure something might work
  • And as mentioned before: most important is passion

Join The Iptor Family:

You can apply by sending your motivation letter and resume to

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