QSL Northern Europe


The importance of all applications and data on your IBM Power i system no longer permits you to accept any computer downtime – or even worse – loss of data. Iptor have selected QSL Northern Europe B.V. to be our partner in software based continuity and security suites, as well as in high availability and data replication software solutions, that operates on IBM Power Systems. Iptor focusses on the Quick-EDD software suite and we invests heavily in skills and knowledge to promote, implement and support Quick-EDD products like Quick-EDD/HA, Quick-EDD/DRm and Quick-CSI.

Customer benefits:
With the Quick-EDD suite, Iptor and QSL Northern Europe B.V. bring High Availability solutions and services to the IBM Power i platform. Basically we give our customers the possibility to have a good nights sleep – as their strategic business processes – managed by software applications – are 24×7 available on two equal systems. This means that in case the production system crashes, a quick switch can be made to the target system, with the minimum of downtime and hardly any loss of data.