COVID-19 Coronavirus

We understand concerns about COVID-19 Coronavirus are top of mind, and we want to be as transparent as possible and share information about what we have done to prepare for any likely and unlikely scenarios to ensure ongoing high levels of service for all Iptor customers globally. At Iptor, the safety and security of our colleagues, partners and customers is our paramount consideration in everything we do.

We continue to closely monitor the COVID-19 situation, remain vigilant, and follow recommended precautionary measures, protocols and guidelines from various health organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and local authorities, to ensure our colleagues, partners and customers remain in a safe and healthy environment.

For our global cloud business, we have put a COVID-19 readiness plan in place with a proactive outreach to Managed Services customers to see if there is anything we need do together in order to ensure business continuity. Typical areas that are worth considering are if your organization has enough laptops and VPN connections to enable a large portion of your staff to work from home. Also, equipment supply could be worth investigating and planning. Iptor account managers and regional leadership will reach out to check any needs for additional assistance.

This also applies for our partner, IBM, that has put contingency plans in place for data center operations in Copenhagen as well as a COVID-19 readiness plan, and we work closely together to ensure business continuity in various scenarios.

Given that safety and security have the highest priority for us internally, as well as for interactions with customers and partners, we have put in place dedicated prevention measures around COVID-19 that are in effect since February.

These rules include a business travel ban, limitations for physical meetings/events (to be replaced with virtual meetings), and physical meetings/events with 30+ local attendees even in countries that are not yet affected by government lockdowns due to their cycle in the spread curve.

We have implemented a full remote work policy for all global Iptor employees. For the time, when developments will allow partial work from offices again in the upcoming months, we will deny access for everyone except required Iptor employees to all global Iptor offices. In such future scenario suppliers will need to handover deliveries outside facilities and any applicant interviews will only be done using digital conferencing tools.

Furthermore, in order to minimize risk in a future scenario that allows office work again, we have implemented policies and processes that will see a split of critical and central teams in two groups, switching between home and office work on 14 days cadence.

Economic Response

With a significant recession expected in the coming months, Iptor, like most businesses is faced with the prospect of making difficult decisions like headcount reduction. Due to the proactive approach by Iptor’s management team on identifying risks to the business early on, we’ve been able to mitigate this to the maximum extent possible. The dedication of our employees along with leveraging government schemes in key regions allows us to retain and protect our core staff, while continuing to ensure the highest levels of support to our customers, who themselves are undergoing very challenging times.

Physical Events

Are Iptor Connect events impacted by COVID-19?

All Iptor Connect events in 2020 will be held virtually and Iptor customers will be notified about them via email.

#MakingADifference – Supporting Front Line Workers

In order to support those in our society being on the front line during the fight against the COVID-19 spread, Iptor has redirected all #MakingADifference charity efforts to support those over the next weeks and months.

#OurLightForYou makes a statement to say THANK YOU to all people working day and night treating patients in hospital, serving our supermarkets, protecting people in the streets, and delivering food and supplies from door to door. Beyond only a statement, #OurLightForYou supports these groups with urgently needed supplies such as masks and prevention equipment. For more information and support our #OurLightForYou fund in cooperation with Direct Relief with a donation today, please visit:

Our thoughts continue to be with all who have been impacted by the coronavirus.

Last Updated: September 10, 2020