EVRY adopts aperīo to enable rapid mobile application development

New device-agnostic capabilities meet with seamless integration for rapid innovation and speed-to-market.


EVRY, a leading IT services and software provider in the Nordic region, employing more than 8,800 people in 11 countries and serving more than 10,000 customers in private and public sectors, has been a partner of Iptor since 2007. The company is headquartered in Fornebu, near Oslo, and is listed on the Olso stock exchange. Over four million people across the region use EVRY services daily.

As an IBM business partner, EVRY provides Iptor Finance solutions to the building supply industry. For the last decade, they have been using Iptor’s XT-UI platform as their graphical interface, and desired to upgrade their 5250 presentation for device-agnostic operations. Specifically, the company sought an open solution to support mobile picking, customer service and mobile warehouse applications.

In addition, EVRY also desired a solution that would easily integrate with their best-of-breed purchase management, transport planning and warehouse planning solutions in an open API environment. Near the end of 2017, EVRY sourced the project with Iptor and Fresche Solutions of Montreal, Canada. In June of 2018, they selected Iptor, as Fresche would have to develop a platform from the ground up to satisfy the request. Conversely, Iptor’s open integration platform, aperīo, was already a proven commodity, serving IBMi customers using Iptor DC1 ERP capabilities.

The Challenge

EVRY’s own customer base represented a growing patchwork of users with diverse needs, system applications and IT environments. Providing a flexible, device-agnostic interface, capable of working across mobile phones, tablets, hand-held devices and other screens, would require an open solution capable of incorporating discrete programs in variable combinations.

In addition, as new web applications emerge in the field of mobility, EVRY wanted a forward-looking platform on which to efficiently integrate and develop modular apps using open API and REST data services. EVRY also needed to be able to produce mobile applications quickly and easily to ensure fast delivery and therefore, fast returns on investment. aperīo provided the platform to develop the front end and interconnectivity layer, while reusing the familiar XT Server components.

We have increased demands from our customers to develop new mobile solutions. With aperīo, we can meet that need and build top, modern, device-independent mobile solutions. Aperīo is a perfect match with our technical roadmap for ERP TRYGG/2000, to develop new mobile web apps and also to create open API for integration.

In Response

EVRY’s long-established relationship with Iptor and familiarity with XT-UI set the stage for a straight-forward adoption of the aperīo platform. Aperīo was designed to integrate with XT-UI, adding value to EVRY’s backoffice applications. Indeed, aperīo represented a natural extension of the company’s TRYGG/2000 technical roadmap.

EVRY began its transition to aperīo in late 2018 with a combined team meeting in Stockholm to review the proof of concept. Iptor next hosted a workshop in Malmo, Sweden to train and answer questions for EVRY in-house developers and operations personnel. The project would begin with the transfer of existing XT-UI inventory, purchase and delivery modules to the new on-premise aperīo platform. After initial testing was complete, the customer services module would be updated, enabling product scans on hand-held devices and paperless order picking.

A number of data fields would also be added, including an electronic order signature capability, to accommodate various input requirements from warehouse to yard to the sales desk, all with a responsive, landscape-to-portrait presentation design. As well, Windows tables would be restructured to fit on all screens. A Live Search functionality that allows EVRY customers to source product, customer and contract data from the field would be added, and mobile banking security identification precautions would be emplaced to ensure safe transactions.

The Outcome

The pre-configuration of the platform with EVRY’s existing infrastructure reduced implementation time and cost. In addition, aperīo’s open API framework proved to simplify integration of EVRY’s diverse application portfolio. EVRY is currently launching the solution with a test pilot customer in Sweden. By May 2019, the mobile picking release will go live, with the customer service module scheduled for June and the warehouse module set for September.

The expectation is that aperīo’s mobile capabilities and open, modular development platform will provide a more responsive user experience for customers, freeing employees to conduct business and make decisions apart from their desks.

The savings in labor, reduced paperwork, improved accuracy and compatibility across platforms will help EVRY customers be more productive as they also demonstrate competitive differentiation.

For developers, the ability to quickly create new applications as independent modules, writing minimal code, with less testing and fewer modifications, will speed innovation and time-to-market. Aperīo will also help EVRY and its customers attract the best of today’s emerging, new IT talent, accustomed to using open source development tools and practices.

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EVRY adopts aperīo to enable rapid mobile application development