Golden Eagle Upgrades Online Capability

Up to 70% of Customer Orders Now Managed on Iptor’s e-Commerce


Golden Eagle Distributing Corporation, established in 1946, is the largest distributor of Echo, Shindaiwa and BearCat outdoor power equipment in the U.S. The equipment includes chain saws, grass trimmers, power blowers, hedge clippers, power pruners, pressure washers, log splitters, chippers, and generators, among more than 50,000 items listed in their inventory.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Echo Incorporated, the manufacturer of Echo brand equipment, Golden Eagle’s distribution territory covers the entire Western and Midwestern U.S., including Alaska, Hawaii and Guam. Golden Eagle is headquartered in Rocklin, California.

Golden Eagle was the first U.S. customer to purchase Iptor’s ERP for distribution solution, during the 1990s and now they run on an upgraded version.

The 2015 upgrade, which began in May of 2014, was completed with the help of Iptor’s installation partner, The Mesa Group. Golden Eagle eliminated approximately 70% of the modifications by moving to the newer version. The new software effectively improved Golden Eagle’s financials, sales, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse management and RF capabilities. However, with its internet sales on the rise, the company also needed to upgrade its e-Commerce software as well.

Upgraded Solution Meets Rising Demand

Since its first installation of e-Commerce in 2009, Golden Eagle had seen its online orders increase from 22% to nearly 70% in 2016. The move to adopt e-Commerce 6.67 was a natural extension of the Iptor upgrade project.

The e-Commerce upgrade involved not only linking Golden Eagle’s online store with its back office, but also included integrating several customer purchasing systems, catalog service and banking operations to create a more robust customer shopping experience. The fully integrated solution delivers a full suite of online shopping capabilities, including catalog item searches, illustrated parts lookups, order entries, email confirmations, invoice retrievals, ACH payments, order histories and file downloads, all through a secure, intuitive user interface.

“We saw nearly two-thirds of our orders come through e-Commerce in 2015,” said Mark Saks, Golden Eagle IT Manager. “The system’s ability to intuitively step customers through the ordering process, from point A to point Z, has been a tremendous timesaver for us.”

Throughout our 20 year history of working with Iptor, we have enjoyed a deepening relationship based on their understanding of our business and ability to consistently deliver outstanding value for our software investment.

A Complete Customer Self-Service Experience

Eagle customers now have the ability to manage virtually every aspect of their shopping experience in self-service fashion, from specific component lookups using an online catalog feature, through real-time payments secured directly through Golden Eagle’s bank.

Based on activity occurring over the first eight months of 2016, Golden Eagle is predicting that nearly 70% of its orders will be processed online. Three key capabilities have been cited as significant game-changers related to Golden Eagle’s Updated e-Commerce Solution.

  1. Integrated Pricing Information: Based on its robust business rules engine, price information can be updated easily and tailored to meet specific customer and territorial
    constricts. Sales personnel now have latitude to adjust pricing on the fly, governed by business rules that enable greater flexibility in executing product promotions and offers.
  2. Expanded Catalog Interface: The open architecture behind e-Commerce makes updating catalog information easy. Golden Eagle’s web services partner is able to upload detailed illustrations of components and parts and directly link the images to e-Commerce’s ordering capability for simple point-and-click support of items added to the shopping cart.
  3. Advanced ACH Capability: Customers can search open invoices, account balances, credits, due dates and other key transactional data in real-time. Fund transfers occur next day, with email confirmations supporting all financial activities. Batch reports at the end of the day update A/R files that evening. With many of its customers paying bills online, Golden Eagle has eliminated a substantial amount of manual labor and related errors.

In Sync from Front to Back

With the latest Iptor software now supporting Golden Eagle’s operations, from its online sales portal to its back office ERP, orders flow accurately and directly to the warehouse for pick, pack and ship without manual intervention. “We credit Iptor and The Mesa Group for helping us serve the majority of our 1,900 active customers through our updated NetStore sales portal,” said Saks. “I would recommend the solution to anyone who wants to run a more efficient distribution business.”

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Golden Eagle Upgrades Online Capability

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