Internationally renowned Corialis Group upgrades to latest IBS Business Suite, unifying different divisions to one consolidated solution

Functionality and Continuity is key in Corialis Group’s future strategy.

Stockholm, Sweden, July 22, 2015International Business Systems (IBS), a global leading integrated ERP, WMS and supply chain solution provider, announced today that Corialis Group (Core Innovative Aluminum Integrated Solutions), with headquarters in Belgium, extends the long-term relationship with IBS, upgrading to IBS Business Suite 2015. IBS Business Suite 2015 is an advanced supply chain platform that will help Corialis Group manage superior service towards its customers, inventory levels and cost throughout their distribution channels, minimizing operating cash requirements and enhancing customer service for improved revenues.

The relationship dates back to 1994 when Corialis subsidiary Aliplast Belgium chose IBS Enterprise as their ERP solution, followed by Smart Systems (UK) in 2006, and Aliplast Poland in 2010. Corialis Group has now grown to become one of the European leaders in design and manufacturing of aluminum profile systems, with an impressive 1300 full-time employees operating in more than fifteen European countries through five hubs, including Belgium, the UK and Poland.

Whilst the different hubs have enjoyed working with IBS Enterprise for many years, it was decided to move from a separate entity-approach to one single global strategy with the Corialis Group, substantially simplifying future implementations of IBS solutions in other Corialis Group owned companies. Furthermore, the upgrade to IBS Business Suite is a step-by-step strategy, where the integration of the existing customizations plays an important role. This not only guarantees the required level of functionality and continuity of the solution, but it also drastically decreases the cost of support and the development of new versions.

“We have worked with IBS for over 20 years now, and we’re excited to build further on that relationship by upgrading to the latest IBS Business Suite release. This enables us to unify our different divisions with a solution that offers the advanced functionality we need and continuity to strengthen our leading position in Europe as a designer and manufacturer of aluminum profile systems for windows, doors, curtain walls and conservatories”, said Johan Verstrepen, CEO at Corialis Group.

Douglas Braun, CEO of IBS said, “We are excited about extending our relationship with Corialis Group since this agreement directly emphasizes the trustworthy relationship we have built over the years. It will not only greatly benefit the daily operations at Corialis Group, but it will also take our IBS Business Suite to the next level, using this experience for future projects.”

About Corialis Group

The internationally renowned Corialis Group (Core Innovative Aluminum Integrated Solutions) designs, manufacturers and commercializes aluminium fenestration systems for the residential and non-residential segments across Europe, and has a turnover of about 400 million EUR with around 1300 employees in total. Corialis Group is headquartered in Lokeren, Belgium and has divisions in Belgium (Aliplast Belgium), UK (Smart Systems), France (Profils Systèmes), Poland (Aliplast Poland), China (Aliplast China), Réunion Island (JMD) and South-Africa (JMD SA). Read more at

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