Iptor Supply Chain Systems Adds ProTrack Labor Management to Warehouse Management Solution

Partnership with TZA gives Iptor’s Warehouse Management software users a powerful new option for improving workforce and operational performance

Orlando, FL, Sept. 26, 2016 – Iptor Supply Chain Systems, formerly IBS, a leader in supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services, announces today that it has partnered with TZA, a leader in supply chain labor management solutions, to include TZA’s ProTrack Labor Management Software as part of its Warehouse Management solution.

TZA’s ProTrack software is a cloud-based solution that helps users measure, monitor and motivate workforce productivity and utilization for increased performance, lower cost-per-unit and greater competitive advantage.

“Considering that almost 60% of the costs involved in running a distribution center track directly to labor, adding the proven labor performance capabilities of TZA’s ProTrack to our Warehouse Management solution is a huge value-add for our customers,” said Jayne Archbold, Iptor Supply Chain Systems CEO.

As an integrated part of Iptor’s WMS, ProTrack will give users real-time visibility and decision support for proactively planning, deploying and managing associates on the warehouse floor via any enabled mobile device.

“Logistics operators face critical labor issues today, including an aging workforce, a shrinking pool of skilled workers and rising wage costs,” said Evan Danner, CEO at TZA. “Together with Iptor’s WMS, ProTrack software provides the tools to respond to these labor challenges and sustain a high performance operation and culture.”

“With the ProTrack interface, Iptor’s Warehouse Management solution becomes even more powerful for customers,” said Bill Tomasi, Iptor Senior Vice President of Product Management. “In addition to excellent control over material movement, storage and the transaction processes associated with running a warehouse, customers will benefit from labor management capabilities that drive additional supply chain productivity gains.”

Iptor and TZA are both exhibitors at the 2016 Supply Chain Exchange held in conjunction with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, September 25-28. To learn more about the joint solution, plan to visit Iptor at booth 328 and TZA at booth 402 for a demonstration of ProTrack software.

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