Oriola Adds Value to End-Customer by Implementing IBS Business Suite Solution

Over 10 years of cooperation results in extensive distribution process improvements for Oriola’s end customer

Espoo, Finland, May 24, 2016 – International Business Systems (IBS), a leading global supplier of integrated ERP, warehouse management systems (WMS) and supply chain solutions, today announced that it has completed implementation of a streamlined business solution to satisfy specialized needs for the end-customer of Finnish pharmaceutical wholesaler and service provider, Oriola.

Oriola is wholly owned by Oriola-KD Corporation and provides services to pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, veterinaries, grocery shops, health shops, healthcare personnel and other product producers.

Oriola’s customer, which is a large Finnish wholesaler, required a more streamlined distribution process to help track package contents and better manage inbound shipments and goods reception. The project would entail revising Oriola’s packaging, pallet-labeling and dispatch advice processes in a matter of weeks; Oriola called on long-time business partner, IBS, to deliver.

“We’ve been on the IBS ERP for more than 10 years now, and their ability to respond to specialized service requests has been a major factor in establishing the tenure of our partnership,” Oriola’s representatives said. “From the recommendation of IBS, we established an onsite working model, so we could test the solution as it was being developed together. This not only compressed the timeline, it ensured the quality of the solution and helped us to work together in a streamlined manner.”

By augmenting the IBS ERP system with the IBS Integrator integration tool, the project team successfully created a bridge between Oriola and its end-customer, and rapidly implemented the value-adding business process solution.

“The IBS Business Suite includes flexible tools for rapid value expansion,” said Sauli Kallio, IBS Senior Business Consultant. “This was an important project for us, because Oriola is a long-time customer, and we have a business relationship that we want to live up to. This, and the close cooperation of Oriola’s project team, helped us deliver the solution ahead of the tight deadline. I’m happy that we could help Oriola meet the requirements from their customer. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.”

Oriola reports that since implementing the solution with IBS, their business process is easier and more automated. In addition, Oriola’s new and improved distribution process adds value for the end-customer, whose process is also more streamlined and efficient as a result of the implementation.

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