Pharma Wholesaler Seacoast Medical Selects Iptor’s Cloud ERP Offering

First customer to adopt recently launched flagship ERP solution

ROSEVILLE, CA, August 29, 2017 Iptor Supply Chain Systems, a leader in supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services, is excited to announce it has signed pharma ERP customer Seacoast Medical, from Omaha, Nebraska as the first customer of its recently launched Iptor DC1 version 10. Seacoast Medical supplies pharmaceutical products to over 25,000 physician offices and clinics nationwide and ships all of its products via express air from Omaha.

Seacoast Medical was facing challenges with its current standard distribution software package, where constant updates and costly software modifications were necessary to accommodate its business model. As technology advanced, it became increasingly difficult to keep the software up-to-date.

With that in mind, Seacoast decided it was time to find a “pharmaceutical” software package that was specifically developed for the industry, with all functionality needed to manage every facet of its business. Utilizing EDI integration, to interface with its customers through a procurement system (Punch out System) was also critical for Seacoast to communicate with manufacturers and customers. Iptor’s DC1 ERP solution allows for full integration and reconciliation, with all of the modifications that Seacoast Medical had to do in their old ERP system coming as standard in Iptor’s core solution.

After a rigorous evaluation process, Seacoast Medical chose Iptor over the competition for multiple reasons. “Iptor’s cloud-based ERP solution was attractive as it provides many standard functions needed to run our business successfully in the pharmaceutical space,” said Seacoast Medical CEO David A. MacFarlane. “For example, having the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) serialization built into the software for 2018 requirements was very appealing.  Another important reason for choosing Iptor was the relationship we have built during the selection process. Their team, led by Iptor Americas Customer Success Manager Mary Ann Tarrant, gave us the confidence that we are in a long-term partnership rather than simply being a one-off transaction. They have been great to work with and our committed to our long-term success. I look forward to the major improvements in our business processes, such as Inventory Management, EDI Documentation, Wireless Warehouse Environment, Procurement, Processing Orders and Contract Management that Iptor’s solution will bring to Seacoast Medical.

Iptor-certified implementation partner of over 20 years, The Mesa Group, will lead the software implementation at Seacoast Medical. “Our deep experience with implementing Iptor’s ERP solution, especially within the pharma industry, will ensure Seacoast will be prepared on time to meet the 2018 pharmaceutical requirements,” said The Mesa Group President Jim Smith.

“I am delighted to welcome Seacoast Medical as an Iptor customer,” said Iptor CEO Jayne Archbold. “Seacoast operates in a highly complex, competitive industry, with many inventory, order and fulfillment challenges. Iptor DC1 version 10 is developed specifically to help companies like Seacoast manage these challenges by reducing complexity, improving efficiency and giving them real-time visibility. This is especially important when it comes to managing the unpredictable processes and orders that drive added value in distribution and enable customers not just to manage, but to rule these exceptions. We are looking forward to working with Seacoast for many years as a partner in their future growth in the pharmaceuticals industry.”

About Seacoast Medical
Seacoast Medical is a pharmaceutical wholesaler licensed in all 50 states and primarily supplies physicians’ offices and clinics. Currently, Seacoast has more than 25,000 clinics or physicians’ offices under management.

About Iptor Supply Chain Systems

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