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How about a ballpool for employees instead?
Removing the risk and administration of
in-house technology at the same time.

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How about a ballpool for employees
instead? Removing the risk and
administration of in-house
technology at the same time.

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Reduce the risk and overhead of maintaining in-house technology. Access better service levels and greater control of business continuity and compliance.

Access your software on-demand, via cutting-edge, secure cloud technology. Delivered by a team of experts from our owned and managed European data centers.


  • Reduce administration overheads
  • Access higher service levels
  • Simplify risk and compliance management
  • Reduce upfront investment by moving spend from Capex to Opex


  • Higher service levels measured by application availability
  • More accurate and cost-effective system specification
  • Greater reduction of risk
  • Peak system performance

Download Our Business Leader Guide:
6 Hidden Risks and Costs of In-House Technology and How to Reduce Them

When it Comes to Cloud Managed Services


Of our Customers are in the Cloud


Capacity Increase in 2016


New Cloud Customers in Last 12 Months


Cloud Customer Retention

Our Capabilities are the Building Blocks of the Cloud Services We Offer


A team of experts in both IBM Power Systems and Iptor Supply Chain Management Software. With a combination of skills and experience not available anywhere else. Key in delivering benefits that no other cloud services provider can offer.

Iptor Supply Chain Management software and other third party applications supplied by Iptor. Available for deployment, as a service, on Iptor Cloud Managed Services.

All our technology is state-of-the-art and always up-to-date. IBM Power Systems and x86 servers run IBM i, AIX, Windows and Linux software. We use PowerVM and VMware for the virtualization of physical IBM Power Systems and x86 servers. Our team of experts build and maintain all our systems in our own European data centers.

We own and manage data centers in Europe that are compliant with ISO 9001 & 27001 and ISEA 3402 standards. Redundancies in security, power, cooling and networking guarantee resilient, high up-time environments. Smoke detection and fire suppression systems prevent the threat of fire. And motion sensors, video surveillance and alarms ensure the physical security of the facilities.

Carrier-independent bandwidth provides uninterrupted access to and from our data centers via the internet. Access is based on Virtual Private Networks (VPN), or open using the internet as a carrier. Direct lines using Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), are also used.

Our experts perform the ongoing Support & Maintenance of our operating systems and hardware. This includes system backup and restoration, and the implementation of fixes.

We also continuously check the performance of our customers’ systems. Our automated monitoring system measures disk space, processor and memory usage. It also checks system messages and network connection status.

Our 24/7 hotline, email and customer portal enable customers to report issues. One contact for all Iptor software and services means getting to the right person is quick and easy. This means customers don’t need diagnostic expertise on their side.

It is rare that issues occur. If they do, we proactively resolve them in-line with agreed protocol and Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Our Incident Resolution has two SLA tiers:

  • Silver – during office hours on weekdays
  • Gold – 24/7, seven days a week


Services for Iptor or IBM i customers that want to reduce internal technology infrastructure overheads. Our Cloud Platform Services remove the investment and risk associated with running in-house technology. Replacing them with a better service for a predictable monthly cost.

We have the technology, infrastructure and expertise to deliver Iptor or IBM i applications on the cloud. Providing customers with secure access to their software, on demand. Along with higher service levels and the flexibility to scale system requirements as needed.

We also offer additional Disaster Recover and High Availability services

Disaster Recovery – A guarantee to return systems to normal service as soon as possible following a disruptive incident. If there is disruption, then we switch customers’ live system to a second system hosted on a different server. Customers can choose a Disaster Recovery service level that best meets their needs.

High Availability – Removing the need for planned downtime by making customers’ applications available on two systems. We switch between the systems to undertake housekeeping, upgrades and other tasks. Customers’ applications are available throughout, with no interruption to their service.

For customers that want to access Iptor software via the cloud, as a service for one monthly payment.

We package our Supply Chain Management software with Cloud Platform Services to run it at the optimum level. Customer’s access the software for one predictable price per month. There is no need for in-house infrastructure or associated overheads.

Remove the need for any internal resource or assets associated with running Iptor software. We deliver all aspects of the provision and management of software, as one service.

Customers don’t need to maintain any resources, skills or knowledge associated with the software. Iptor’s experts perform all administration and support tasks. This includes adding new users, altering privacy settings, workflows and forms. There is also no need to train ‘Super Users’ to provide first-line support to end-users. We do it all for one predictable monthly cost.

This service is for Customer’s that deploy licensed software via our Cloud Platform services. Or customers that buy the software as a service (SaaS). Either way, we provide a one-stop-shop for the access and upkeep of Iptor applications.

Services for Iptor or IBM customers with existing hardware and platform assets. Customers can access our experts and investment in infrastructure and data center technology. We provide this access through our Remote Monitoring or Hardware Hosting services.

Remote Monitoring Services – Proactive monitoring of customers’ systems situated on their premises. We identify incidents and perform corrective activities where possible. Or direct customers’ IT teams on-site. This means customers don’t need to worry about monitoring their own systems. They have peace of mind that issues are resolved as soon as possible, in some cases before they even occur.

Hardware Hosting Services – Customers can place their existing hardware in our data centers. Benefiting from ISO and ISEA accredited high up-time facilities, without investing in assets themselves. It also means customers can access services such as system monitoring, support and maintenance. Customers can choose the level of services to meet their needs. All delivered by our team of experts for one predictable monthly cost.

A cost-effective way for Iptor or IBM customers to retain access to legacy applications.

We host old software and data and make it accessible, via the cloud, for as long as needed. This means customers can decommission the old hardware running the legacy application. Meeting compliance and data needs without the overhead of maintaining the associated hardware in-house

Affordable and Flexible Cloud Managed Services Packages

  • Iptor Standard Cloud Platform – office hours Incident Resolution

    Everything a customer needs to run their existing licensed Iptor or IBM i software on the cloud.

    The package includes Disaster Recovery. Silver Incident Resolution is also included, for issue resolution on weekdays during office hours.

    This package is perfect for customers that do not operate a 24/7 business.

  • Iptor Premium Cloud Platform – maximum uptime with 24/7 Incident Resolution

    Everything a customer needs to run their existing licensed Iptor or IBM i software on the cloud. With the assurance of the highest possible levels of system up-time.

    The package includes High Availability and Disaster Recovery. Gold Incident Resolution is also included, for issue resolution 24/7, 365 days a year.

    This package is perfect for customers with 24/7 operations where system availability is critical.

  • Iptor Platinum Fully Managed Service

    Remove the need for any internal resource or assets associated with running Iptor software.

    This package includes full administration and all levels of support for Iptor software applications. As well as the same high levels of up-time included in the Iptor Premium Cloud Platform package.

    The package is perfect for customers with 24/7 operations where system availability is critical. As well as those that don’t want to have to invest in the resources, skills or knowledge associated with managing software in-house.

Unique Benefits for Existing Iptor Software Customers

Customers that run Iptor software on our Cloud Managed Services enjoy unique benefits. We have visibility, control and a deep knowledge of all elements of their system. This leads to benefits no other cloud services vendor can offer.

  • Service levels measured against application availability, not server. No ambiguity of different vendors working to individual Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • One contact point, regardless of the issue – no need to coordinate several vendors.
  • One supplier of software and cloud infrastructure means no diagnostics expertise required by customers.

Discover the Benefits You Could See, Select Your Role:

  • The business receives the best system to meet requirements in the most cost-effective way.
  • Confidence that experts run your critical back-office system to the highest performance level.
  • Peace-of-mind that costs and risks associated with system down time are not an issue.
  • Costs moved from capex to opex, releasing capital from the IT budget back to the business.
  • Reduce the risk of technology impacting business continuity to the lowest level possible.
  • Reduction in the cost and management distraction of maintaining internal IT resource.
  • Ability to make business changes at speed required, not dictated by internal IT capability.
  • More time to be strategic. Reduction in time spent managing people and solving problems.
  • Assurance that your department is delivering the highest service to the business.
  • Access to up-to-date systems without the administration overhead of managing life-cycles.
  • System availability levels are high and do not impact business continuity.
  • No IT budget tied to latent computing capacity. Receive exact system specification needed.
  • Retaining expertise, people redundancy, key-man dependency and succession planning are no longer issues.
  • Flexibility to support business change by procuring systems as a service, not assets and internal resources.
  • Achieve a greater return on investment based on the service the business is receiving.
  • Cost is opex, releasing capital from the IT budget and improving cash flow.
  • Peace-of-mind that costs associated with system down time are not an issue.
  • Only pay for current requirements. No need to invest upfront in assets based on forecasts of future demands.
  • Achieve optimum return on investment due to only paying for current requirements.
  • Focus on other areas, confident that Iptor is delivering highest possible service levels.
  • Operations teams are not complaining about the system availability or performance.
  • Peace-of-mind that data is secure and systems are monitored. With issues resolved proactively by Iptor’s experts.
  • Provide better service to the business with access to specialist knowledge and resource 24/7.
  • Reduced administration overhead of system maintenance, support contracts, T&Cs, and lifecycle management.
  • Remove the risk of illness, holidays and the headache of finding and keeping skills in the team.
  • Systems are running 99.5% of the time and supporting operations.
  • Quick and easy to make changes such as adding new products – there is no backlog.
  • The system runs fast, boosting operational efficiency and productivity.
  • Regardless of peaks in activity, the system runs well.
  • Confident that system downtime will not interrupt operations.
  • There is always someone to contact.
  • Issues have less impact due to Iptor monitoring and proactive issue resolution.
  • On the rare occasion that there is an issue it is quickly resolved, regardless of time of day.

Download Our Business Leader Guide:
6 Hidden Risks and Costs of In-House Technology and How to Reduce Them

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