Supplier Management

Today, we tend to focus on Customer OTIF (on time in full) as a key measure of success to see if we are achieving the right levels of revenue and also in meeting customer service targets.

However, no matter how strong your supply chain order fulfilment operations, unless your suppliers performance (supplier OTIF) within a similar range of performance to your Customer OTIF targets, then it will be impossible to meet your customer service goals either in service terms or with the desired profitability due to the need for costly expediting. An alternative is to have lots of excess inventory, but tying up large amounts of working capital to subsidise poor operational performance is not the best option.

Iptor provides cloud-based supplier management solutions that enable you to connect with all of your product, services and transportation partners and suppliers. A new partner can be set up in minutes, giving considerable flexibility to manage all suppliers and partners – not just the traditional tier 1 suppliers (who often mask problems upstream with their suppliers in making and assembling products).

Our solutions and services help you manage:

  • Sourcing
  • Purchase management and purchasing
  • Purchase order scheduling
  • Design and sample scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Inventory tracking and visibility
  • Transport movement and tracking, including individual containers
  • Works order tracking
  • Alerting of changes to plan inbound deliveries and movements
    • Manage demand and customers more responsively
  • Invoicing

Iptor can help you segment your suppliers and also report on their performance including:

  • Supplier OTIF
  • Actual vs planned landed cost
  • Quality
  • Returns
  • True margin versus planned margin
  • Impacts on demand

Iptor can enable the hyper-connected global supply chain using our cloud-based applications, via EDI, or via other integrations including supplier portals.