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Increase sales
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Increase sales
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Improve customer service with first class marketing, fulfilment, after-sales support and returns handling processes.


Plan purchasing and delivery requirements on accurate customer forecasts to drive down inventory costs and increase margins.

With Iptor’s solutions for Demand Management you can:

Deliver first-class service

Reduce inventory cost

Create profitable customers

Improve loyalty and retention

Iptor gives us an easy-to-use interface to capture data for better decision-making, thereby enhancing our sales process, transactions and customer experience.

Demand Management

Sales management
Rich functionality controls every process and sub-process that drives the sales department. Starting with intelligent order entry and leading though a seamless chain of automated, auditable processes including cash, commission, currency, discount and credit management; gross profit control and profit check; lost sales tracking; order structure, configuration, summary and settlement; sales order allocation, delivery and invoicing; order scheduling, surcharge, price and tax handling; sourcing policy management; vendor managed inventory.

Customer rebates 
Make sure customers are only ever charged the right price, with a fully automated, accurate, integrated rebate capability that saves administration expenses, reduces costly errors, enables margin control and keeps track of expected rebates. Functionality includes dynamic rebates for different regions and industries, rebate statistics, profit and margin calculations, generation and maintenance of payments, and accrual to Financials.

Automated requests and returns 
Keep customers happy, even when there’s a problem, with automated complaints handling for an easy, fast and smooth customer experience. Including alerts of returns and approval to send a replacement or do repairs; providing customer service personnel with detailed information; automating all actions and paperwork; calculating percentage refunds; tracking product through end-to-end process back to supplier; initiating recalls and monitoring their return if part of a batch; making staff aware if a product is put back on the shelf; and reporting on trends in order to continually improve quality levels.

Product configuration 
Give your customers choice and respond quickly to requests while maintaining control of the supply flow. Create one-off products from standard parts without having to add new products, but maintaining the ability to, if required. Set rules on product assembly and parts, enabling products to be built using these combinations to suit customers’ needs, automatically testing different options, generating quotes, and calculating cost price and item or customer margins. If an order is placed order structures can be created for warehouse personal to gather and package the different products in stock. If production is required then BOM (bill of materials), BOR (bill of routing), operation lists and pricing are automatically created.

Customer portal 
Give customers flexible self-service access to credit status, invoice status, payment and order entry.

Customer Delivery Schedules
Integrate with customers to provide better service. Reduce inventory and costs by planning purchasing and delivery based on customer forecasts shared as customer delivery schedules via industry standard data formats such as ANSI and EDIFACT. Customer delivery schedules support vendor managed inventory (VMI), receiving customers’ gross forecasts with sales statistics, stock on hand, and min-max inventory levels to calculate and automatically create orders to ensure customers are replenished. Net forecasts are also received via the standard data formats and handled automatically. Inventory management is continually tracked and analysed, calculating lead times and delivery dates, with any mismatch triggering warnings to enable the proactive management of issues.

Customer relationship management (CRM) 
A holistic view of the customer, throughout the marketing, sales and service cycle with a complete suite of tools to grow more profitable customer relationships. Enabling customer analysis to identify customer types and build appropriate marketing plans to target them more effectively, and creating sales and marketing budgets that can be turned in to demand forecasts. Deliver high levels of customer experience with a 360-degree view of the customer across functions, a seamless and precise fulfilment and after sales process, extensive quotation handling, automated multi-channel sales order processing, available-to-promise with dynamic sourcing options, and customer self-service online, 24/7.

Matrix handling 
Effectively manage items with common and varying characteristics (e.g. clothing). Select and group items into an item matrix and effectively integrate purchasing, inventory, sales and item management across the supply chain, expediting the entry of sales and purchase order lines for items that belong to an item matrix, while improving customer service and cost control. Matrix functionality allows applicable quantities of matrix items to be entered quickly and easily during ordering, rather than one-by-one. Sales pricing can also be established to price matrix items in any way, using normal pricing techniques, or special item matrix pricing (quantity dependent) for individual item lines or the entire matrix, meaning that the accumulated quantity for all item combinations within the matrix is used to retrieve the sales price for the sales order lines created.

Mobile sales 
On demand tools to close deals, anywhere, with access to catalogs, sales order creation and customer records.

Platforms & Products

ERP for Distribution

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

ERP for Publishing

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.