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Streamline two-way communication with a digitally connected supply chain network

We live in a hyper-connected world where supply chains depend on multi-tier third-party suppliers working in tight coordination and collaboration. Yet, despite the critical need for real-time B2B transactions, communication between suppliers and customers is counterproductive. With Iptor Exchange, business value is delivered quickly and incrementally via a proven methodology for implementing end-to-end supply chain and distribution functionality.

Iptor Exchange integrates with existing business applications to fully automate processes – and can manage the exchange of transactional information in a structured and automatic way. This includes any kind of transactional documentation including purchase orders, delivery notes, inventory levels, invoices, orders, advanced shipping notes, product catalogs, price lists, and inventory.

Easy, Efficient and Attractive to do Business With

Make it easier to do business by leveraging technology that digitizes and automates the two-way exchange of critical business information, reducing material lead times, streamlining replenishment techniques and improving inventory planning and visibility.

Remain Agile in Shifting Supply Chain Networks

Quickly and easily connect with new supply chain partners and increase speed-to-market with the ability to digitally communicate with any ERP system in a wide range of industry standard EDI formats on a global, multi-language, multi-currency basis.

Your benefits with Iptor Exchange

  • PO functions integrated with ERP
  • Pre-built APIs to integrate with other functions with multiple ERP and planning systems
  • Multi-site, Multi-facility structure
  • Secure access
  • Multiple design allows companies to quickly add new plants, suppliers, or new business processes
  • Implement standardized business processes throughout the organisation
  • Protect your investment in supply chain and gain flexibility and consistency with your global ERP strategy

Digital Supply Chain Collaboration

Operational dashboard
Status of data interchange with suppliers, including outstanding actions and rejections.

Wide range of supported formats

Processes managed
Material ordering and tracking, shipment planning and replenishment, supplier performance management, quality management, financial settlement.

One face to your customers and suppliers
Single front end to all, regardless of data formats.

Broad range of supported protocols
Inovis, Gentran, Websphere, Extol, and more.

Market compliance
Pre-built configuration for automotive, pharma, retail and other key industries.

With Iptor’s solutions for Digital Supply Chain Collaboration you can:

Eliminate communication latency

Increase speed-to-market

Reduce inventory costs

Improve document audit and tractability

We’ve embarked on a journey that enables us to better react to our customers’ needs today and into the future, and Iptor technology has facilitated this goal.

Platforms & Products

ERP for Distribution

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

ERP for Publishing

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.