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Build excellence
on a scalable,
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Integrate and automate the entire business process in to one comprehensive financial system that minimises user error and provides complete visibility, in the moment.


Multi-currency, multi-country, multi-accounting. With flexible rules, planning, chart of accounts, summary roll-ups and unlimited parallel budgets and forecasts.

With Iptor’s solutions for Finance you can:

Improve financial visibility

Minimise human error

Make better decisions

Optimise the financial process

Iptor financial software has provided the power, functionality, reliability and integration we needed.


General ledger
The flexible, ‘multi-everything’ foundation for the business including flexible chart of accounts and summary roll-ups; manual and automated transactions; parallel transaction-, system- and reporting currencies; automated posting, validation and currency revaluation; accruals, recurring journals and standing orders; reconciliation; unlimited parallel budgets and forecasts; cost accounting and allocation; and month and year end closing procedures.

Account receivable
Flexible set-up and configuration of the accounts receivable process including customer credit status, payment terms and methods; automatic invoice updates, rebate handling, stepwise processing, multiple VAT rates and instalment payments; multi-currency order summary and settlement, batch payments, automated cash allocation, credit note management, automatic posting; draft bills handling; credit management, automated hold and release, customer credit profile, aging and cash flow analysis, with full drill down; plus extensive reporting capabilities.

Sundry invoicing
Seize opportunities with non-standard business invoices integrated into automated enterprise workflows, ensuring visibility across the business like any other invoice. The functionality automatically assigns numbers and dates in line with standard invoicing practice and makes a series of checks to ensure the invoice is valid. It also identifies foreign currencies and re-calculates using the correct exchange rate.

Multi-currency and tax compliance
Comprehensive multi-country tax planning and compliance and automatic conversion and reporting of multi-currency transactions.

Accounts payable
Flexible processes to configure the accounts payable process in order to maintain supplier relations including business partner credit status, payment terms and methods; general ledger accounting, expense coding, invoice allocations and revaluations based on currency fluctuations; invoice matching; outgoing payments dates, countries, currencies and payment methods, plus remittance advice and bank transfers; ageing reports and cash flow analysis, credit control and follow up, with full drill down; plus extensive reporting capabilities.

Asset management
Invest with the confidence that assets are accounted for, insured, serviced, and in the right place. All assets are controlled from a single system that enables the calculation of useful life and depreciation; handle leasing, non-tangible assets and financial assets; automatically calculate profit and loss, and update for reconciliation; make budget comparisons, plan future investments and depreciation, and revalue assets to manage insurance premiums. Physically the system enables the management of inventory lists by location, asset type or project, identify missing assets, number and label assets, sort insurance information by asset or by insurance tables, maintain warranty information and manage service contracts.

Intelligent cash flow management
Maintain visibility and control with planning, forecasting, simulation and information management in a true multi-company environment enabling aggregated forecast at group level and drill down to the individual company basis. Forecasts can be based on actual dates, or debtors’ previous behaviour and how suppliers were paid and in transaction or reporting currency. Starting value is retrieved from bank accounts and expected payments are automatically retrieved from across the business, including from other systems, presented in a calendar view and summarised by monthly, weekly or daily levels. Detailed analysis functionality enables predictive payment behaviour forecasts and trends to be identified and proactive measures to be taken

Platforms & Products

ERP for Distribution

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

ERP for Publishing

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.