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Efficient inventory management plus inline and offline value added service processes provide the freedom and functionality to stand out, differentiate and increase revenue by offering customers more value.


Real-time visibility of end-to-end goods handling processes – in the warehouse, across warehouses and on the assembly line – exposing and seizing opportunities for improvement in the moment.

With Iptor’s solutions for Inventory and Distribution you can:

Add value for customers

Increase inventory efficiency

Expose process deficiencies

Seize improvement opportunities

Iptor increased our efficiency, decreased our errors and reduced our rate of damaged goods significantly.

Peter SchotteArdo, IT Analyst

Inventory and Distribution

Project management
Manage projects from definition to delivery, keeping costs down with control of project based purchase orders and invoices and linking each element to a cost code.

Dangerous goods
Greater visibility and management of hazardous materials, and creation of material safety data sheets (MSDS) and transport emergency cards (TREM) for many legislations including EU and the US.

Warehouse location management
Automate the most efficient use of warehouse space. Proactive put away recommendations speed up picking and fulfilment. Integrated end-to-end processes enable demand to be monitored and efficient handling of inventory such as cross-docking. RF and barcode functionality and a graphical planning interface drive efficiency on the warehouse floor.

Multi-distribution center
Gain global inventory visibility at local distribution levels across all the businesses, or group companies’ warehouses, with the ability to transact directly with them. Supporting any combination of central and local warehousing to fit the most efficient operating model.

Finite planning
Address bottlenecks for reduced cost and greater revenues by automatically checking for restrictions in delivery dates, rescheduling to avoid overloads and giving priority to most valuable customers.

Enable value-added services such as assembly, kitting and light manufacturing. Match manufacturing and sales orders to speed up shipping, enable re-planning of sales orders with manufactured and inventory items, and manage manufacturing tear-downs to re-allocate parts from assembly back to inventory.

Advanced warehouse and operation management
Complete control over manufacturing and distribution inventory tracking, processes management and reporting, with a best of breed warehouse management solution (WMS) that supports vendor manged inventory (VMI), make to order (MTO), and reverse logistics, as well as direct line feed and supply-in-line sequence to streamline production processes.

Real time data collection
Instantly know when inventory is updated, received, moved, reserved, damaged, picked, packed, or shipped with real-time data collection across the end-to-end distribution process that is also used to enable in depth analysis and more robust planning.

Platforms & Products

ERP for Distribution

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

ERP for Publishing

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.