Your connected business.



Your connected business.

A new and fully digital world for distribution and manufacturing business

In a digitally transformed world, Iptor empowers distribution and manufacturing customers to connect supply chains, people and things through powerful connectivity platforms, predictive tools, injection of artificial intelligence and cognitive services.

Prediction & AI Services

IoT Connectivity Services

Cognitive Services

Iptor aperīo framework

Iptor ERP and Supply Chain suite

Prediction and AI supply chain injection

AI-based discovery of customer behavior patterns and inefficiencies in the supply chains along with predictive demand management.

Cognitive services redefining usability and system use experience

Elevation of customer experience with with cognitive elements such as voice-assisted interaction.

aperīo Integration and Connectivity Platform

Middleware for enabling seamless integration of connected, predictive, and cognitive services.

Cognitive services redefining usability and system use experience

Explore a new generation of ERP and supply chain solutions and benefit from cognitive applications and voice recognition technologies. Within a strategic technology partnership with HARMAN we are constantly evaluating new technology trends in order to transform them into powerful solutions that help you rule the exception in a digitally tranformed and conected world.

The strategic partnership between Iptor and Harman.
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Elevation of customer experience with
cognitive and voice-assisted interaction.

Iptor aperīo framework

The recent addition to the Iptor portfolio has been a voice-activated order management solution that is powered by HARMAN’s voice-assisted BOT framework based on the Microsoft stack using the new Iptor aperīo framework. It enables customers to access the rich functionality of DC1 Version 10 using voice commands to place orders and track deliveries, ensuring they fully benefit from the solution and its connected ecosystem.

These new usability technology elements are the result of a continuous joint innovation process including global hackathons between the two companies across all continents. With the aim of exposing different business process within Iptor solutions to the benefits of cognitive technologies.

These new solution stack elements gives us the power to elevate customer experience with cognitive and voice-assisted interaction. Bringing consumer technologies to the enterprise space within a partnership with the leading vendor in that area is essential to help businesses compete in a highly competitive, fast moving market.

HARMAN Partnership

HARMAN and Iptor are working together towards creating a world class Supply Chain Solution. Harman partners with Iptor in developing its flagship DC1 ERP Solution along with creating products such as Netstore in the ecommerce space, a robust integration platform, a planning tool and a project change management tool. Harman is also involved with Iptor in delivering Infrastructure and monitoring services. Harman also invests in innovation with Iptor in futuristic concepts such as a voice enabled sales order management solution that was integrated with Iptor’s DC1 ERP product. This solution was demonstrated in Iptor’s Customer Connect events in Nashvelle, London & Stockholm and was well received. A joint press release between Harman and Iptor announcing a technology alliance which will enable Iptor customers to benefit from cognitive applications and voice recognition technologies was released earlier in 2017. Harman and Iptor are constantly trying to create innovation in solutions and have been partnering in product development since 2011.

We’re delighted that Iptor, a leader in Supply Chain Management, leveraged our technologies. At HARMAN, we pride ourselves on simplifying enterprise business processes with conversational and cognitive technologies.  Our voice-assisted BOT framework, integrates cognitive interfaces with existing digital platforms making them a truly conversational enterprise.

Platforms & Products

ERP for Distribution

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

ERP for Publishing

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.