ERP for
Connected, intuitive and adaptable
distribution software for the
digital business world


Digital business is reshaping industries. E-commerce is heightening consumer expectations and forcing B2C and B2B retailers to adapt their business models. Demands for faster, omni-channel fulfilment intensifies the challenge for distributors to remain competitive and profitable.

Be responsive to change while improving efficiency with the control and visibility delivered by the rich functionality and powerful analytics of Iptor’s distribution software designed for a dynamic digital industry.


Delivering products at competitive prices is no longer enough. Added value and differentiation is required to ensure distributors are irreplaceable extensions of their customers’ value chains. The ability to analyse client trends, needs and relationships is key to delivering the optimum level of service to retain customers, profitably.

Iptor’s Distribution software provides a complete view of the customer, along with the ability to adapt business processes to better serve them, while forecasting the bottom line impact of doing so. This enables distributors to optimise operations and provide added value in return for profitable, long term relationships with key clients.

With Iptor’s ERP for Distribution you can:

Run lean, agile business processes

Gain greater visibility and control

Deliver proactive, value added service

Optimise supplier management

The scalability of the solution is exactly what we need long-term, and the ability to use the system out-of-the-box, gives us excellent flexibility in pursuing new business.

Lowell MillardCTO, Reliable Parts

ERP for Distribution

Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP)
Improve inventory turns and profit margins by closing the gap between planning and execution.

Inventory and distribution
Real-time optimisation of goods handling processes.

Demand management
Increase profitable sales by planning and executing efficient customer transactions.

Delight customers with an effortless digital experience, from initial engagement through to a profitable ongoing and on-line relationship.

Digital supply chain collaboration
Streamline two-way communication with a digitally connected supply chain network.

Supply chain management
Make a smarter supply chain a key strategic asset.

Build excellence on a scalable, flexible and comprehensive financial foundation.

Manufacturing and assembly
Meet demands for added value in a dynamic marketplace with increasing customer demands.

Extend the reach of systems to increase the efficiency of field-based employees.

Systems integration
Automate end-to-end business processes with an integrated systems landscape.

Make data a strategic competitive advantage with easy access, analysis and actionable insight.