Demand Management Software

More profits through improved planning, execution and fulfillment

How well you serve your customers determines how well you ultimately succeed, and excellent demand management is the key to improving service. With Iptor Demand Management software, you can increase profitable sales by planning, executing and following-up on customer transactions, from marketing and fulfillment, through after-sales support and returns handling.

Our software solution includes:

  • Sales Management: controls every process that drives sales and turns orders into cash and profits.
  • Customer Delivery Schedules: improves inventory management, creating access to new customers and accelerating ROI.
  • Customer Rebates: automates your rebate management program for greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention.
  • Requests and Returns: sharpens customer service for improved business retention.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): enables a 3600 view of your customers related to sales, marketing and service activities.
  • Product Configuration: efficiently tailor products to meet exact customer needs.