Distribution Planning Software

Totally transparent, easy-to-manage financials

Iptor Distribution Financials software makes any financial process easy-to-manage and totally transparent. The software can handle any transaction volume, including a full range of purchase and payment processes in multiple, simultaneous currencies. Use it for multi-warehouse operations across several countries, or in a single wholesale distribution warehouse. Its integrated financial tools will help you manage capital outlays, assets, cash and any other resources required to run a modern distribution business.

Iptor Distribution Financials includes:

  • Comprehensive functionality for bookkeeping, reconciliation, closing and reporting
  • Intelligent invoicing, including electronic billing, tax and fees handling
  • Complete credit, cash, budget, asset and banking management
  • Consolidation and group reporting
  • Planning tools to improve profitability across the board
  • Flexible accounting rules and multi-country tax planning

The software features:

  • Accounts Payable: essential to maintaining supplier relationships and optimizing cash flow.
  • General Ledger: make better decisions based on efficient, easy-to-use daily accounting.
  • Accounts Receivable: manage and monitor every aspect of your payables process.
  • Asset Management: integrate the financial and physical management of your machines, systems, computers and other business equipment.
  • Sundry Invoicing: integrate even non-standard business into your automated workflow.
  • Cash Flow Manager: plan, forecast, simulate and manage your business operations.