Logistics, Assembly and Service

Processes that improve performance and profitability

Your logistics processes are vital to the performance of your operation. And, Iptor distribution software is designed to expose and rectify your profit drains and bottlenecks – and help you add valuable new services.

Our Logistics, Assembly and Services solutions will help you optimize, in real-time, all of your goods-handling processes – in or across warehouses, or on the assembly line – from the simplest to the most complex multi-site facilities. Our software will help you:

  • Streamline receiving, including cross-docking options
  • Automate put-away suggestions
  • Achieve dynamic warehouse replenishment and optimal pick-path
  • Manage multi-level warehouses and distribution centers
  • Configure product with managed component combinations
  • Achieve profitable after-sales service, including service agreements
  • Improve preventive service and urgent repair handling

Logistics, Assembly and Services includes:

  • Project Management: control projects from definition to delivery.
  • Finite Planning: address bottlenecks for reduced cost and greater revenues.
  • Dangerous Goods: create documentation for handling and transporting hazardous materials.
  • Assembly: enables you to take on assembly and light manufacturing as part of your business.
  • Warehouse Location Management: maximize space for reduced cost and improved customer service.
  • Advanced Warehouse & Operation: gain complete control over manufacturing and distribution with WM1 warehouse management system.
  • Multi-Distribution Center: gain global inventory visibility at local distribution levels.