Manufacturing ERP Software

Meeting customer demands in a dynamic marketplace

Iptor Manufacturing software is specifically developed for the supply chain environment, where flow-oriented and demand-driven manufacturing meets customer demands in a dynamic marketplace. When you make the right decisions at every stage, you reduce lead-times, increase delivery reliability and improve customer service. Iptor Manufacturing is designed to adapt to your assembly or manufacturing and business processes and includes:

  • Production Scheduling: provides a variety of planning methods to fit a variety of requirements.
  • Rough-Cut Disposal Check on Material and Capacity at Order Entry: checks against normal stock and adjusts for exceptions.
  • Manufacturing Alternative Products (Co-Products): accommodates alternative products, or co-products, in response to orders.
  • Manufacturing Orders: provides several ways to create orders, offering flexibility in set-up and performance.
  • Subcontract Operations: supports external production processes within internal processes.
  • Manufacturing Order Reporting: includes a variety of reporting options, such as PC, workshop terminals or bar coding.
  • Quality Control Reporting: provides QC reports in manufacturing, receiving and available stock.
  • Integration to PlannerView: details accessible via PlannerView module.
  • Manufacturing Order Block Order Handling: simplifies daily, weekly or monthly order flows.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Iptor Service Integration: a fully integrated solution for internal maintenance and preventive service.
  • Activity-Oriented Product Closing: provides efficient cost control and follow-up through a variety of options.