Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Access your systems anytime, anywhere

Mobile computing power is giving businesses everywhere new freedom to communicate, operate and manage more productively, responsively and efficiently than ever. The amount of processing power and data storage we can now hold in one hand is allowing people the freedom to work on their own terms, using any smartphone, tablet or laptop to instantly and securely access system information and functionality. Organizations that embrace the technology will thrive, becoming more cost efficient and profitable, with less time-consuming paper work, higher productivity, shorter lead times, fewer errors and better customer service. The time to transform complex, processor-heavy back-end functionality to suit lean consumption on mobile devices is now. And Iptor can help.

Iptor Mobility Solutions presents a unique “build once, deploy many” enablement process that gives you a simple, cost-effective means of equipping your entire organization for wireless, real-time decision-making. Now, your users don’t need to be behind a desk or on a laptop to do their jobs or access information.  Mobility lets you access data from different devices, at any time, using any internet connection. Our robust Mobility Solutions will help you manage:

  • Mobile Sales: View item catalogs, create sales orders, view customer order history from the field, on demand.
  • Proof of Delivery: View daily workloads, detailed package information, confirm deliveries, on the go.
  • Mobile Service: View daily work, detailed service instructions, report material usage and time on-the-job.
  • Mobile Returns: Report any delivery problem and follow up with needed actions.
  • Mobile Alerts: Know instantly when something important or extraordinary happens within Iptor DC1.

With Mobility, your people will work smarter, your customers will enjoy better service, your operations will run more effectively and you will make better decisions using timely information to help your business prosper. Ask your Iptor representative about our full range of mobile apps and enablement strategies – including Cloud Solutions – and give your distribution business a significant competitive edge.