Sales & Operations Planning:
Up-to-date, accurate information you need
to make those critical business decisions

Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) focuses on what really matters – sales and cost of goods sold at the SKU level.
Our process, supported by powerful data management and analytics software, serves to integrate your enterprise planning, monitoring and management capabilities end-to-end, delivering a single version of truth on which to plan your business strategy and tactics. Using the powerful combination of S&OP process and technology, you can consistently achieve the five key value drivers for distribution profitability:

Improved margins

Optimized inventory

Maximized revenues

Reduced expenses

Controlled cash

In short, the S&OP solution equips your distribution company with:

  • A process and tool uniquely coupled to provide sustained inventory reduction and margin improvements.
  • A disciplined approach to continuously balance demand, supply and margin concurrently.
  • A tool that ensures people follow the process, rather than break it at the first opportunity, through the right mix of transparency and control.

Rapid Deployment Rapid Results

With S&OP, you don’t have to overhaul your entire organization to start seeing improved business results. Iptor can meet you exactly where you are today and scale a solution to meet your needs, with very little training to get you going.

For complete details, including information about Iptor Cloud Managed Services contact your local Iptor Supply Chain Systems office.