Supply Chain Integration & Collaboration

Connecting systems, applications and data across the business

One key to a building a responsive, customer-focused wholesale distribution business is creating an integrated supply chain network. Planning, collaborating and executing your operations seamlessly through a unified front not only reduces cost, it garners trust and promotes customer loyalty. At Iptor, our experts can help you implement solutions that improve your ability to respond, leverage your resources and deliver outstanding customer service.

  • Fully integrate internal and external data sources, including Iptor Cloud Solutions.
  • Facilitate stakeholder communication, collaboration and process synchronization.
  • Secure all forms of communication and protect vital data.
  • Achieve lower system downtime, speed project implementation.
  • Improve decisions with an enterprise-wide, integrated view.
  • Support your business globally across all legacy systems.

Connect your systems, applications and data, inside and outside the business, with a supply chain integration solution from Iptor. And move your business forward.

SCI&C software includes:

  • Integrator: a powerful tool to simplify systems integration and data management, replication and synchronization within Enterprise and existing applications, servers and databases.
  • NetStore: a complete e-commerce application that gives your customers and sales teams direct access to your company catalogs for online shopping.
  • Mobility Solutions: helping your people connect, communicate and manage business from any location at any time using smart mobile devices.
  • Output Solutions: creates easy-to-produce, high-quality documents, such as quotations and order confirmations, for a professionally branded look.
  • Workflow: a single, web-based tool to streamline and control document intensive processes, such as AP processing.
  • Alert Management: tells you when events in your business are outside ideal parameters and helps you analyze, resolve and prevent problems promptly and efficiently.