Integrator – Systems Integration Solutions

In wholesale distribution, no software is an island.

Integrator is a powerful tool to manage systems integration and data management, replication and synchronization.  It’s based on an open, flexible architecture that simplifies the way Enterprise 6.0 interacts with your existing applications, servers and databases.

As a comprehensive development environment, Integrator uses visual scripting to accelerate integration (with more than 250 functions built in).  The result is an integration workbench that’s amazingly powerful but easy to set up and start using.  The highlights:

  • Advanced data management – connect with all popular databases for high-volume transactions; simplified, visual data mapping and translation
  • Internet functionality – communicate with email, FTP, HTML files, SOAP, Telnet, browser scripts…
  • Web services and XML – to connect with legacy systems in any format, re-use code and re-configure new services on the fly
  • Communicator queues  – Iptor Communicator tools let you set up an Integrator network to configure transaction and message switching and synchronise across several companies and countries.
  • Excel data manipulation – access any system, grab the data you need and load it into your Excel model or workbook.
  • MQ Series and Lotus Notes – Connect with IBM’s MQ Series and Lotus Notes/Domino with a full range of functions and statements
  • eSite or servlets – the built in web development tool lets you create web apps that access any information in the company
  • iSeries or AS/400 – Set up and handle Data Areas and Data Queues, read spooled files and execute programs and commands.
  • Crypto – All the encryption techniques you need, built in
  • Java classes – Object-oriented programming gives you full access to Java libraries and components. Toggle between the script language and Java in the Design Studio.
  • Logging and debugging –especially useful for notification during overnight data replication

The benefits

Integrator will help you:

  • Leverage all your data for full insight and performance
  • Get more from your current investments
  • Streamline processes with automated integrations
  • Improve decision-making with an enterprise-wide, integrated view
  • Support your business globally across all legacy systems