Workflow Management Software

Streamline processes, reduce document overload

As distribution enterprises evolve, workflow processes begin to overlap, creating inefficiencies, as process owners change and authorization checkpoints blur. The result can often be documentation bottlenecks, leading to sluggish customer response, rising cost and regulatory compliance risk. How much time to you spend comparing supplier invoices with purchase orders? Are authorizations traceable throughout your organization and supply chain? Is your AP department growing just to keep pace with the volume of documents? Does the thought of a monthly or yearly audit make you more than a little bit uncomfortable?

Maybe it’s time you consider Workflow, a single, web-based tool to streamline and control document intensive processes, powered by Medius’ world-class accounts payable web-based solutions.

With Workflow, your organization will be able to easily define processes and assign them to the appropriate process owners for monitoring and control. Using a single “inbox” for all your workflow documentation, you will be able to significantly lower costs in paper-intensive departments – reducing processing times, errors and late payments while also enforcing business rules and compliance.

Specifically, Workflow software will help you:

  • Visually model processes and views throughout your enterprise
  • Engage all people in the process through a user-friendly, browser interface
  • Reduce paperwork and tedious manual labor
  • Measure desired effects and drive change for ongoing process improvement
  • Create cross-functional, cross-departmental accountability and cooperation
  • Easily distribute your processes over the web.

Iptor can help you relieve the pressure on your AP department, as you also draw your entire organization together in a document management system that does more than just track, store and manage critical information – it puts you in total control. Our expert service team can help you customize a solution specifically for your business, bringing over two decades of distribution industry experience to the table.