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The right IT
for today’s
supply chain.


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The right IT
for today’s
supply chain.

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Digital business is reshaping industries. E-commerce is heightening consumer expectations and forcing B2C and B2B retailers to adapt their business models. Demands for faster, omni-channel fulfilment intensifies the challenge for distributors to remain competitive and profitable.

Be responsive to change while improving efficiency with the control and visibility delivered by the rich functionality and powerful analytics of Iptor’s distribution software designed for a dynamic digital industry.


Delivering products at competitive prices is no longer enough. Added value and differentiation is required to ensure distributors are irreplaceable extensions of their customers’ value chains. The ability to analyse client trends, needs and relationships is key to delivering the optimum level of service to retain customers, profitably.

Iptor’s Distribution software provides a complete view of the customer, along with the ability to adapt business processes to better serve them, while forecasting the bottom line impact of doing so. This enables distributors to optimise operations and provide added value in return for profitable, long term relationships with key clients.

With Iptor’s ERP for Pharma Distribution you can:

Run lean, agile business processes

Comply with regulatory requirements

Grow internationally without restriction

Leverage AI & Smart Technologies

We have reduced stock levels by 25 percent and increased stock turnover from 12 up to 22 for specialty pharma products – without influencing availability.

ERP for Pharma Distribution

DSCSA Compliance
The new U.S. federal law requires a transaction document (TD) beginning on January 1, 2015. The TD is a document, initially in paper or electronic form, constructed by the entity selling the products and provided to the new owner. It contains transactional information and history and several statements to certify compliance with the law . The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requires trading partners in the Supply Chain to pass
Transaction Information (TI), a Transaction History (TH) and the Transaction Statement (TS) when finished, referred as the “T3” human prescription drugs change ownership in a transaction as defined in the law.

  • DSCA Transaction Document (TD) paper or electronic form
  • DSCSA Transaction Statement (TS) text
  • DSCSA Transaction History (TH) text
  • DSCA Transaction Information (TI)

Iptor’s Pharmaceutical ERP solution is fully compliant with U.S Federal Law effective January 1, 2015 that requires a transaction document, constructed by the entity selling the products to the new owner known as the 3Ts which contains prescription drug transactional identification and traceability of change of ownership. ASN EDI 856 is enabled with option to print T3 statement on either invoice or transport

Serialization supports DSCSA legislation that forces pharmaceutical wholesale distributors and drug manufacturers to adhere to strict processes of traceability and reporting. Iptor’s Pharmaceutical ERP functionality traces all pharmaceutical serial numbers (Pallet, inner/outer box) for all warehouse transitions. Integration is available with 3rd party companies (RFxcel , Axway ) via 856 ASN.

Pharma Order Entry and Management Screen
Enhanced customer service experience with real time federal and state license lookup and validation. The ability to cross sell with Generic and alternative drug lookups.

DSCSA Compliant EDI Transactions
Iptor’s Pharmaceutical ERP is fully compliant with DSCSA and HDA recommendations for the following EDI Documents: 850, 855, 810, 856, 832, 844, 849 and 845.

Native E-commerce
Supporting pharmaceutical customers with an integrated E-commerce module providing comprehensive pricing and
product related options to online users. In addition, a wide set of APIs and micro services are available via aperio to also easily integrate other already implemented E-commerce solutions in a customer environment.

Batch Control
Working with pharma batch controlled items, enables implementation of a quality control check on the sales order returns done by a specific customer groups like pharmacies, hospitals, etc. This quality control will put the returned goods stock on hold and store them in specific locations, a very similar functionality like the one used on the purchase order cycle. It also allows recalls for certain batches as well as mass recalls .

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API)
The pharma industry uses the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) to classify similar medication of other brands/laboratories than the one that the customer is requesting. API is included as an Item attribute and included in the item related Live Search functionality.

Route handling with order cut-off times and automatic pick-release times
Fast deliveries (4 hours from order) route handling can handle order cut-off times and pick-release times automatically.

Route restrictions for deliveries
Managing dedicated drug receiving rules for goods as well as specific delivery times at customer sites.

Manifest Integration for UPS or Fedex
Manifest Integration with UPS or FedEx that sends weight, volume dispatch address to carrier software, automatic update of freight amount and tacking details to the order.

Supplier Marketing Support
Complex rebates and chargebacks, system automatically tracks details for accurate sales management and accounting.

Live Search
Intelligent google-type search lets users search across the system by simple typing in parts of a search term. Live Search will even search within previous orders or transactions and present result in a google-type way while typing.

Mobility tools
Mobile warehouse, Mobile CRM – enabling functionality access and use with every smartphone or tablet device. In addition to Mobile Web Applications developed by Iptor, customer can use a Mobile Development Studio to easily generate own mobile applications that get automatically designed, rendered, and connected.

Easy Connectivity to other systems used by customer
A connectivity studio provides easy access via API. In addition, customer can use a standard integration tool to synchronize data with other systems and data sources. Example: Direct integration of Transport Management services, delivering and synchronizing data such as delivery dates/times or tracking numbers without human interaction. Or the automatic address check and completion using data services from Dun & Bradstreet or national post office.

Modifications outside core – Upgradable modification
In case customers chose to add customer specific developments or modifications to the standard product, these modifications will be upgradable – so not impacting future upgrades to new versions.

Smart technologies and AI
Customers can use a Watson AI based bot to leverage AI automating processes – for example a chat bot for Customer Support. In addition, the product comes with a standard connector to IBM Watson Supply Chain Insight, a platform services that supports users with AI based alert management and an AI supported Resolution Room.

Micro-services platform
As 4th generation ERP platform, Iptor’s ERP architectures enables flexible consumption of functionality with whatever user interface via an open connectivity platform.

High transaction volumes
The micro services platform is specifically designed to handle extreme high transaction volumes. This enables a flexible use of Iptor’s Pharmaceutical ERP from start-up stage of a customers’ business to fast growth and international expansion.

Global availability
15 standard country packages consisting of legislation and Language for all major markets enable customers to grow without being limited by ERP availability. As global solution Iptor’s Pharmaceutical ERP also supports multi-currency and divisional accounting.

SaaS model
Scalable cloud solution with flexible per month per user pricing without capax investment needs in software or hardware.

Platforms & Products

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A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

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Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.