Royalties, Rights & Permissions

Streamline operations, cut cost.

A robust, automated rights and permissions management system is essential to better facilitate processes related to rights and permission acquisitions, selling and accounting. IP1’s Royalties, Rights and Permissions system allows publishers to streamline operational tasks that involve rights and permissions processing and handling. This results in substantial savings of time and staff resources, while also significantly decreasing operational costs.

IP1 Royalties, Rights & Permissions allows you to:

  • Proactively manage royalties, rights and permissions processes and tailor them to your own business rules
  • Access all your payees, individual contract particulars and royalty details within one central area
  • Automatically calculate royalty payments, reducing costs and increasing accuracy
  • Automatically post royalty accruals through to the General Ledger
  • Effortlessly and accurately pay advances, as well as amend royalty payments
  • Design royalty statements according to your business needs and generate statements and remittances automatically
  • Consolidate accounting of separate contracts for an individual author into one account
  • Highlight exceptions and discrepancies and ensure accuracy and integrity of input data through control reports

Our Royalties, Rights and Permissions module has been designed with the modern world of digital content and supply chains in mind, so that you can define processes according to your own business rules. Utilizing this module, you can positively affect your bottom line as the system streamlines complex and often expensive manual processes, giving you access to accurate information regarding all aspects of royalties, rights and permissions.

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