Swiftly create web & mobile applications
for streamlined business processes



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Swiftly create web & mobile
applications for streamlined
business processes

In a world where both you and your competitors might have the best ERP solutions for your industry, successfully implemented by the best people according to best practices, how can you use IT to outsmart the competition?

Comflow is a business process platform from Corzia that offers you a large set of capabilities to swiftly create web and mobile applications for new business support or enhancements of your already existing business systems. You simply adapt the information support to the organization in order to create streamlined business processes.

With Comflow, you simply build new web applications exactly as you want them, possibly based on the information and functions you already have. Finally — you can work with the information in your system in a way that suits your organization’s and user’s needs, using only a web browser!

Unleash the power of your business systems

Fit for purpose – Fit for you

Enhance existing solutions

Return on investment

Creating simplicity and flow in your business

Streamlining Operations
Create applications that precisely support your company’s business processes. Replace multiple screens and keystrokes with a better user experience.

Cockpits and Centralized Views
Create roll based cockpits and centralized views that present all related information in an easily accessible location.

Master Data Management
Ensure data quality and the sharing of data with the applications where it is needed.

Business Portals
Extend your information and functions to your customers, agents, subcontractors or suppliers.

Remove barriers to creating web apps for mobile devices.

Platforms & Products

ERP for Distribution

A flexible, proven, best-of-breed distribution resource management system that streamlines, automates, and accelerates critical supply chain processes.

ERP for Publishing

Our publishing-specific integrated Enterprise Management business software solution manages digital content distribution from content creation right through to consumer engagement.

Warehouse Management

Our next-generation warehouse and operations management solution (powered by Microsoft) that increases velocity of material flows by ensuring process control.