Nautor Adopts Iptor Cloud to Focus Resources on Quality and Growth

Upgrade to Iptor cloud-based DC1 v11 ERP solution and Project Chain Management module streamlines warehousing, logistics and project coordination.


Nautor AB, founded in 1966 and located in Jakobstad, Finland, produces luxury sailing yachts, most notably its Swan range of yacht models. Today, Nautor’s Swan yachts are manufactured under the company’s end-to-end, in-house building process, from the design of the finest details to final testing and delivery. Nautor’s Boatbuilding Technology Center opened in 2017. It incorporates high-tech lamination operations, painting, grinding and polishing operations, with areas for warehousing and logistics. The company has been an Iptor customer for more than 20 years, running Iptor’s acclaimed ERP system in-house since its initial installation.

The Challenge

As the company grew it became heavily invested in Windows servers, with various versions of hardware and software straddling its enterprise footprint and multiple platforms bolted together to support its different operating functions. Over time gaps in communications and workflow arose and manual interventions were needed to fill the gaps. As a result, errors and waste had crept in and when breakdowns began occurring between these various systems the company decided it was time for a change. Nautor selected Iptor’s Project Chain Management (PCM) module as a replacement to its original project module, enabling the company to better connect project design teams with purchasing, manufacturing and the warehouse. Challenged to enhance operational efficiencies and refocus its resources on the core business, Nautor also decided to move its Iptor ERP solution to the cloud, upgrading to DC1 v11.

This transformation will ground our projects on accurate data, reducing our time and cost to finish each project, while streamlining our vendor communication and making us more efficient. Iptor’s cloud-based solution will set the stage for our next chapter of growth and innovation, affording us maximum uptime and flexibility through expert managed services.

In Response

Starting in April 2020, during the height of the global pandemic, Iptor’s local office facilitated the transformation, much of it remotely. To begin with they provided an end-to-end analysis and business case for the project, including a recommended transition roadmap designed to clear up various bottlenecks and facilitate essential integrations on a single source of truth across the company.

Following this, in August, the transition commenced. A dedicated project team, including Nautor and Iptor personnel, upgraded Nautor’s Windows servers, along with a third-party boat design program, while migrating key data stores and systems to the cloud. These elements were integrated onto the DC1 v11 platform using Iptor’s advanced, open API aperīo integration platform.

As Iptor’s PCM solution was put in place, new rules for importing information from Nautor’s boat design program had to be established. A simple text file was developed to automatically import all necessary data from boat drawings into materials resource planning, connecting design to purchase to warehouse on the Iptor Cloud platform.

Mobile capabilities are also being developed, which will give warehouse personnel the ability to communicate with master project plans and input project hours from handheld devices anywhere on the warehouse floor. These will be activated during the next phase of the transformation.

The Outcome

When the system goes live, all project information will be accessible via a single source of truth enterprise-wide, allowing design details and materials lists to flow through purchasing, down to the manufacturing and warehouse floors. Project hours will all be kept in one place and updated automatically as team members report on progress through integrated screens. In addition, with all data and systems moved to the cloud, Nautor will gain an unprecedented level of business continuity, security and resiliency, along with the scalability it needs to expand operations and grow with the times.

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Nautor Adopts Iptor Cloud to Focus Resources on Quality and Growth