Make data a strategic competitive advantage
with easy access, analysis and actionable insight


Data is everywhere, but creating it alone is not enough. Iptor’s analytics solutions makes data from all sources easy to access and analyse, providing meaningful insight to drive innovation and competitive advantage in the digital business world.


Automate the capture, combination and analysis of actual and future activity data to proactively monitor operations, be alerted to potential issues, perform “what if” analysis and closed-loop performance management, and iteratively improve business processes.

Med Iptor’s lösningar för Analys kan du:

Unearth new opportunities

Proactively make better decisions

Empower continuous improvement

Visualise, manage and minimise risk

Iptor helps us to monitor our progress so that we can change direction if necessary, which is essential in the new and modern environment of digital content.


Performance management
A comprehensive KPI based foundation is combined with a robust, analytic environment to provide a complete platform for building Business Intelligence screens and reports.

Cross functional collaboration
Break down the complex, cross-functional barriers that impede effective business decision making and replace it with a collaborative and interactive environment.

Data consolidation and clarification
A common sense data dictionary layer removes the need for analytics users to know and understand specific database table and field names. By combining and associating data from multiple sources, the solution creates a single stream of insight that is extremely easy to utilize.

Alert Management
Receive automated alerts when business operations are outside pre-set performance parameters in order to take action and rectify potential issues.

Role tailored, graphical interface
Role specific insight dashboards deliver relevant information via an intuitive graphical interface e.g. Sales Executives, Business Managers, Finance and Business Analysts, Casual users, Customer and Partners.

Rapid query performance
In-memory processing, intelligent caching and a broad set of optimisations.

Plattformar & Produkter

ERP för Distribution

Ett flexibelt, beprövat, bäst av rang- distributionsresurshanteringssystem som effektiviserar, automatiserar och påskyndar kritiska processer i leveranskedjan.

ERP för Publisering

Vår publiceringsspecifika integrerade företagsledningssystem för företagsledning hanterar distribution av digitalt innehåll, från skapande av innehåll till konsumentengagemang.


Vår nästa generations lager- och operationshanteringslösning (drivs av Microsoft) ökar hastigheten på materialflöden genom att säkerställa processkontroll.