Supply Chain
Make a smarter supply chain
a key strategic asset


Extended supplier collaboration and accurate forecasting minimises purchase costs and lead time, eradicates costly buffer stock and improves cash flow


Smart demand, supply and distribution requirements planning improves customer service with optimised available-to-promise and stock levels

Med Iptor’s lösningar för Supply Chain Management kan du:

Improve customer experience

Reduce inventory cost

Improve cash flow

Eradicate buffer stock

Our supply chain visibility and customer service has never been better.

Supply Chain Management

Purchasing management
Automate and streamline purchasing processes including invoice/order matching, purchase suggestions, purchase order (PO) accruals, PO limits and approval workflows, quality assurance controls, RFQ generation, supplier agreement integration, and supplier sourcing rules to increase efficiency, minimise errors, drive down costs and improving customer service.

Distribution requirement planning (DRP)
Analyse expected/actual demand and available stock level in future periods to identify future expected replenishment needs to meet a requested minimum stock level.

Purchase order processing
Automate and streamline the fundamental purchasing processes critical to success through a configurable and intuitive workflow engine.

Web supplier delivery schedules and planning
Share forecast information with suppliers using EDI standards ANSI, EDIFACT, BISAC and ONIX to inform production planning and reduce inventory and costs across the supply chain. Manage gross or net supplier (or vendor) managed inventory (SMI), or advanced information forecast processes.

Pricing management
Manage the impact of price with streamlined modelling. Define standard purchase and sales prices to be applied upon any item. Define pricing exceptions depending on criteria, where items might receive a different base purchase/sales price than the one defined as standard.

Catch weight
Manage goods weighed during reception and/or picking, manipulating the price unit quantity instead of calculating using a conversion factor. An extension of price unit functionality that allows the manual changing of price unit quantity/quantities for a sales/purchase order line down to each individual order line quantity during reception confirmation, purchase order entry, pick list confirmation and sales order entry.

Inventory control
Reduce stock and increase turnover with sophisticated inventory analysis that provides visibility of stock volume, value and movability, seasonal trends, inventory turnover, lead times, and deviations in plans. While proactive replenishment suggestions and simulation functionality forecasts and automates the most appropriate stock levels, order timing and economic order quantities (EOQ).

Supplier marketing support
Manage joint marketing programmes, checking margins, managing rebates. Reduce associated administration by automatically applying marketing agreements and tags to product lines, calculating rebates and communicating with payment software, discount application, sales planning, quotes, orders and invoices, and margin calculation including supplier rebate/chargeback.

Supplier rebates and returns
Protect the bottom line by quickly, accurately and automatically tracking and invoicing rebates, with dynamic rebate functionality for different regions and industries, rebate statistics, claim management, accrual to financials, and claim creation through A/R and A/P.

Contract managed inventory (CMI)
Manage externally owned stock in the warehouse(s) which is sold via inventory contracts such as customer deposit stock (CDS), supplier consignment stock (SCS), or own stock in a business partner(s) warehouses which you can purchase via inventory contracts and then sell, such as wholesaler consignment stock (WCS), wholesaler deposit stock (WDS). Plus customer/wholesaler buffer stock and (C/WBS) and deferred indent stock (DIS). CMI functionality automatically ensures terms and conditions, compliance and accountabilities are adhered to across the most complex warehouse systems.

Landed cost handling
Gain visibility and control of landed costs down to the single item level to handle shipments to port of destination including, freight, insurance, customs and taxes incurred. Identify standing liabilities, track regulatory compliance, manage purchase orders according to exchange rates, automatically process goods awaiting cost checks, and calculate import duty based on net purchase price plus any additional costs incurred.

Plattformar & Produkter

ERP för Distribution

Ett flexibelt, beprövat, bäst av rang- distributionsresurshanteringssystem som effektiviserar, automatiserar och påskyndar kritiska processer i leveranskedjan.

ERP för Publicering

Vår publiceringsspecifika integrerade företagsledningssystem för företagsledning hanterar distribution av digitalt innehåll, från skapande av innehåll till konsumentengagemang.


Vår nästa generations lager- och operationshanteringslösning (drivs av Microsoft) ökar hastigheten på materialflöden genom att säkerställa processkontroll.