Webinar: DocuSmart for IP1

Streamline your entire organisation with one suite of electronic document management products. Less paper. Better processing.

With daily exchanges and transactions running through an organisation, it’s crucial to have a process in place for creating, filing, retrieving and sharing valuable information. No longer are piles of paper on your desk nor overflowing cupboards appropriate for maximising business potential. When controlling the flow of information into and out of organisations, paper is cumbersome and inefficient. And since the flow of information is really the flow of money, it’s vital to not have invoices neglected, files misplaced, estimates and statements that never arrive, and pre-printed forms that should be in the stationery cupboard but aren’t.

The alternative is Pentana Solutions’ electronic document management software, DocuSmart. Pentana Solutions offers a suite of electronic document management software products that completely transform the way your accounts department, and business in whole, operates.

By automating and streamlining your entire organisation, Pentana Solutions’ electronic document management software creates productivity, efficiency and ultimately an increased bottom line.

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