Webinar: Mobile CRM Light

Register for an on-demand webinar featuring Iptor Mobile CRM Light

All businesses want to better connect with their customers. To track their interaction and manage sales opportunities. And to gain insight from business data. However, CRM systems have historically been big, bulky, difficult to use, and many companies implement them and find they only use a fraction of their functionality. We designed Mobile CRM Light to meet & exceed the needs of our customers.

Mobile CRM Light provides the tools you need:

    • Manage sales opportunities, with flexible stages, tasks (with automatic scheduling), alerting and To-Do lists
    • Work from desktop client (via PlannerView) or mobile devices
    • Graphical analysis of opportunities, pipeline, historical success rates and more
    • Single screen solution – all information in one place for enhanced efficiency
    • Uses Iptor Aperio to connect directly to the DC1 / Enterprise application to provide real-time information for users and handle real-time updates back to the application

Register for this webinar where we will give you insight into the application and how it’s been developed to re-use existing functionality in DC1, but also enhance the functions using the aperio development studio.