Webinar: One Version of Truth – Iptor Analytics, Powered by Qlik

Watch our webinar on One Version of Truth and learn how to succeed in today’s confusing age of data overload.

At any given moment, any link in your decision chain can be banking on a version of facts that don’t necessarily line up with your version of truth.

Sharing ”one version of truth” puts everyone on the same page:

  • Providing tools for each user to create their own reports and views while accessing the same version of data.
  • Enabling timely, accurate reporting and analysis based on a common set of facts.
  • Unlocking data buried in distributed systems via a shared, centralized data warehouse.
  • Migration of 1,000s of static reports into one easy-to-use application.

This Webinar will demonstrate how Iptor Analytics powered by Qlik can turn your data into knowledge in real-time, easily.

Learn from our experience with other customers and see first-hand how the system works.