Webinar: aperio overview & use cases

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As data becomes one of the most valuable assets that an organization owns, APIs are becoming a vital digital transformation business tool. In a consumer-driven market, organizations can now analyze customer and operational data to improve efficiencies by making better decisions. As the keys to unlocking this valuable data, APIs need to be combined with enterprise connectivity to actually free the data from systems.

Iptor aperīo helps to modernize your organization’s system into a set of independent modules that can be accessed via the API layer. It contains tools, strategies and guides to help modularize the software, and run as web services on IBMi. The services may then be published for external clients or used to build a presentation layer (UI) using the front-end layer of the solution.

Key features include:

  • Open access to the application via web services
  • Separation of business logic and UI
  • Flexible UI that is fully customizable on different view levels
  • Web Services may be easily integrated into other products accessed by other clients
  • Allows automation of processes

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