Webinar: Workflow Automation

Gain control and visibility by joining disparate business applications and processes through a single platform

Do you have problems pulling information from an ever increasing number of business applications? Does your team experience Work Flow issues when there is a need to follow steps in a specific sequence? Do you need to be able to have accountability, visibility and traceability for your existing Work Flows?

If you experience any issues like these, please join our upcoming webinar for a look at the WorkFlow solution. This webinar will introduce you to the concepts of composite applications and Corzia who provide the WorkFlow platform for Iptor customers. With WorkFlow, you have an extensive set of capabilities to swiftly create web and mobile applications to support new processes or enhancements to your existing business systems.

Register for this on-demand webinar now to view a live demo including some of the WorkFlows we at Iptor have integrated into our demo environment!