With DC1, Bevego adds a new degree of competitive differentiation and new possibilities

An Iptor customer since day 1, Bevego reveals why they will continue to grow with DC1 on their quest to be Sweden’s leading wholesaler within steel, ventilation and technical insulation.


Bevego, one of Sweden’s top wholesale and trading companies for metal sheet, technical insulation and ventilation, was founded over 25 years ago and currently employs about 420 people. They have been an Iptor customer since day one, having installed a legacy version of the company’s Enterprise ERP system back when Bevego was first founded.

The Challenge

In 1994 when Bevego was first started and financed by its 22 original founders, they knew there could be no delays in getting the business up and running from day 1. They realised they needed a few key attributes form their ERP vendor. They needed a local provider that could speak their language both from a business perspective and from an actual language perspective. They also required a vendor that could put “boots on the ground” within Bevego to fully understand and appreciate what Bevego were trying to build. Additionally, they wanted an agile provider that would listen to the challenges and provide quick and effective results enabling growth through exploiting market opportunities.

They needed a vendor that would be both small enough to value the customer relationship, but big enough to be able to address the challenges and support the Bevego venture.

In Response

After a review of possible candidates, one vendor came out on top, Iptor. Having worked with Iptor in a previous role, the decision was simple for Peter Nilsson, Bevego’s CIO and one of the 22 original founders, the ompany implemented the fledgling version of what would become Iptor’s DC1 ERP platform. Working closely with the Iptor team, Bevego began mapping out a punch list of modifications designed for greater efficiency. Over the next 25 years, Bevego would continuously develop its concept and grow to become Sweden’s second largest ventilation wholesaler.

Bevego have successfully upgraded the DC1 platform over the years as the company has grown and the demand for other solutions rose. There have been a number of key modifications made to the platform such as being able to map specific component sets from a blueprint design to ensure that when the kits are delivered on site, all parts were present and correct. Any mistakes would be sure to cause delays on the building project and would not be tolerated. As Peter Nilsson says “when we were supplying legacy drainage systems, there was a degree of tolerance. However with the newer designs, it would not be possible for us to reliably ship systems without the modifications to we’ve made to DC1.”

We built our organization on Iptor technology from the start, and it continues to meet our evolving needs as we grow and respond to our changing customer base.

The Outcome

Bevego currently enjoys double digit growth year after year through either organic growth and acquisitions. With Iptor’s continued support, Bevego remains ambitious in their quest to become the leading supplier across all verticals they supply. “We built our organization on Iptor technology from the start, and it continues to meet our evolving needs as we grow and respond to our changing customer base,” said Peter Nilsson. “We would not be in the position we are in today without our DC1 system enabling the best customer service in the industry. Iptor has been an invaluable partner in our continued success.”

The Future

Going into 2018, Bevego enjoyed the stability and performance offered by their current DC1 Version 7. However, in its ongoing quest to improve efficiency, productivity and growth, the company sought to further streamline the way it managed customer orders, quotations and product searches.

In April of 2018, they opened talks with Iptor’s product development team regarding these potential modifications to accomplish the goals of the organization. The end result of these talks were Bevego being accepted into Iptor’s Lighthouse Program, which was designed to help address the needs of other Iptor customers who share similar needs. A comprehensive review of all modifications to the customer implementation is made, and together decide which modifications should be included in the core DC1 platform.

Iptor viewed the engagement as an opportunity to assist their long-standing customer by upgrading its core product, DC1, integrating Bevego functionality into the standard product and improving its associated, integrated modules. Together, the two organizations began a journey leading to what would ultimately become DC1 version 11. By taking the Bevego functionality and incorporating it into the standard platform, cost is reduced and subsequent upgrades are much easier. It also means that other customers can benefit from the functionality that helped Bevego get where they are today and continue to support their growth.

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With DC1, Bevego adds a new degree of competitive differentiation and new possibilities