It’s All About The Kids Foundation

We all know that economic growth and business success are some of the essential pillars and backbones wealth is build on in our society. And the result of all that economic striving day in and day out puts us in a position to give something back – a basic but amazing principle of our free market economy.

And giving back does not always have to be on the scale of Bloomberg Philanthropies – and therefore, does not need the seven digit scale of funds for social engagements.

This is why we have selected a small foundation in California for our Iptor #MakeADifference charity this spring.

Meet Angela Brannon-Baptiste & the All About The Kids foundation

Since 2004, Angela’s IAATK foundation has done amazing projects for over 16,000 children in San Diego and Baja Mexico. From collecting and distributing educational materials, teaching life skills to hundreds of San Diego homeless youth, to providing essentials for hundreds of children in orphanages in Baja Mexico. In September 2017, IAATK has then moved focus on one essential thing – to feed the kids.

In California, 59% of children are on lunch assistance. At many of the schools in San Diego, the number is as high as 99%. IAATK helps working families whose are struggling to feed their children. The foundation bridges the weekend food insecurity gap for children in impoverished neighborhoods – provide up to 30 pounds of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, pasta, beans, rice, cereal, and other non-perishable food items each week to families in need.

A couple of days ahead of our customer conference, we had the opportunity to join forces with IAATK providing 300 children and families with a unique day full of joy. But it hasn’t been only about a preparing a nice barbeque under the Californian sun, handing out hundreds of toys for the kids, organising facepainting and running Piñata games. Together we have provided the families with more than 1,500 food packages that also provided those moments of joy on the following day, the day after, and…

#MakeADifference at King-Chavez School in San Diego has been a moment to last for the entire team. Thank you to all Iptorians! And thank you Angela for making a difference in our society!