Iptor launches next generation of open API framework platform – aperio Version 2

Available through IBM Partner Network

7th February 2019. Iptor Supply Chain Systems (Iptor), a leader in supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services, today announced the launch of “aperio Version 2” – the next evolution of its open integration platform. aperio has the ability to open up any IBMi infrastructure implementation, providing comprehensive cloud integration and a powerful development studio to release the rich functionality of core ERP systems to a connected world.

As well as being available for Iptor distribution and publishing customers, aperio Version 2 will be accessible to non-Iptor customers using IBM technology stacks and will be available from the end of February.

The open API architecture consists of 3 layers:

  • a back end which hosts methods and API life-cycle management
  • a middle layer handling connection pooling, security / authentication, logging and connection monitoring
  • a front end which hosts HTML 5 rendering

Enhanced components include a graphical signature, bank ID to support document and transaction signing, web push notifications to subscribe to and clearly display asynchronous messages coming from the back-end application, a form control to compose email messages and a component to manage calendar events.

Leading Nordic technology business, EVRY, recently decided to use aperio for their integration and connectivity roadmap for ERP TRYGG/2000, developing mobile web applications using the aperio mobile development studio.

Christopher Catterfeld, Chief Marketing Officer at Iptor and a speaker at IBM Think 2019, said, “Every global business using the IBMi stack should be looking at aperio Version 2 as a way of opening up the rich back end functionality of their ERP system. Our market analysis and customer feedback shows there is nothing available close to aperio in terms of flexibility, integration and connectivity. This provides businesses with the opportunity to get even greater value from their ERP systems in a cloud connected world.”

About Iptor

Iptor is a global leader in enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services. Iptor helps distribution-focused organizations solve their most complex order management and fulfilment challenges within fast-moving, multi-channel and global supply chains, turning them into growth opportunities.

Serving 1,250 customers with 4,000 installations in more than 40 countries, Iptor provides fully integrated enterprise solutions, with highly adaptable and robust software backed by world-class support from distribution and supply chain experts. With its micro-services orientated cloud platforms and the use of smart technologies, Iptor offers compelling value to customers across the Technical Wholesale, Pharma and Publishing sectors. For more information, visit: www.iptor.com.

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