Our customers look to us as a trusted advisor with the technical expertise, business acumen and proven implementation methodologies necessary to deploy technology solutions that solve the complex business issues in today’s marketplace.

Iptor Partners represent the industry’s best. Through years of successful implementations, and by listening carefully to our customers, Iptor has identified and selected the best third-party vendors whose products and services complement our own. Our partners closely align with our customers’ needs and further help us achieve our company goals.


We have selected Apper as our partner for projects that involve software development and application maintenance for IBM Power systems. We have chosen them as our partner since they have the highest available knowledge and experience in both software development as well as in application maintenance.

Customer benefits: Our customers can ensure a long-term supply of highly qualified expertise and resources. We offer commitments for all, or part, of the management of systems and applications throughout the life cycle – including software development tools like all versions of RPG, CA Plex, CA 2E, Websydian and Cobol.


Iptor is IBM’s largest authorized reseller of IBM Power hardware – in specific global regions we are that and we are proud of it. As such we have chosen to certify and accredit Iptor at the highest possible partnership level within the IBM partner program – IBM Premier Business Partner. A partnership that also bring the benefits of being up on all of IBMs latest Power System products, services and solutions.

Customer benefits: It provides our customers additional confidence in our skill set, our ability to successfully deliver services, solutions and the best possible pricing as outlined in any project proposal and ensure clients needs are met or exceeded.

IBS is a world leading ERP and supply chain software company. Through many years of successful implementations all over the world, IBS has worked with a wide range of excellent vendors that are called IBS Solution Partners. Iptor is a partner with IBS – and as a subsidiary of IBS we have unique access to R&D and development teams and their deep knowledge. Throughout the years Iptor has built a state of the art private cloud solution that IBS is using to deliver their IBS Cloud ERP Solutions.

Customer benefits: Iptor adds real value to all IBS customers when we provide the industry’s most secure offerings available with service level agreements with guaranteed performance. Solutions that give you the performance you need – when you need it. All that together with a company that understands the systems you are running in the cloud.

The importance of all applications and data on your IBM Power i system no longer permits you to accept any computer downtime – or even worse – loss of data. Iptor have selected QSL Northern Europe B.V. to be our partner in software based continuity and security suites, as well as in high availability and data replication software solutions, that operates on IBM Power Systems. Iptor focusses on the Quick-EDD software suite and we invests heavily in skills and knowledge to promote, implement and support Quick-EDD products like Quick-EDD/HA, Quick-EDD/DRm and Quick-CSI.

Customer benefits:
With the Quick-EDD suite, Iptor and QSL Northern Europe B.V. bring High Availability solutions and services to the IBM Power i platform. Basically we give our customers the possibility to have a good nights sleep – as their strategic business processes – managed by software applications – are 24×7 available on two equal systems. This means that in case the production system crashes, a quick switch can be made to the target system, with the minimum of downtime and hardly any loss of data.

Iptor, as a trusted advisor to our customers, has chosen to have Veeam as our partner for VMware and
Hyper-V backup solutions. Virtualization is changing the way we and our customers do backups and using legacy backup in the modern data center won’t get the job done. Veeam solutions are built for virtualization,
is powerful, easy-to-use and affordable solutions for VMware and Hyper-V customers. Iptor invest in the knowledge of Veeam products and solutions available to our customers.

Customer benefits: We help organizations like yours make the most of your data center investments by reducing backup and recovery time by up to 95%, reducing administration time by up to 90% and reducing costs by up to 70%. The partnership also give us access to online Veeam University, sales and technical certifications, live and recorded webinars as well as on-site training by Veeam experts.

It’s simple – VMware is the market leader in virtualization and Iptor consultants are experts in virtualization. Virtualization is the key enabling technology for building private or public clouds, and to have VMware as our partner is therefore both logical and common sense. Hundreds of thousands of companies trust VMware as their virtualization infrastructure platform. Iptor have the expertise to deliver solutions with enterprise-class security and infrastructure compatibility based on VMware technology.

Customer benefits: With Iptors deep knowledge in planning, installing, configuring, deploying and running virtualized environments our customers can feel secure and confident of getting the best solution for their need. We run VMware in our own data centers throughout Europe.