Heavy transport specialist VTA Tekniikka Oy invests in Iptor’s flagship ERP solution

5th October, 2020 – VTA Tekniikka Oy, one of Finland’s leading specialists in the heavy transport sector, has increased its investment in Iptor’s market-leading distribution and supply chain management technology by upgrading to Iptor DC1 v11, its flagship ERP solution.

VTA Tekniikka Oy, which imports and sells lifting devices, cargo space temperature control equipment, and special technology for trucks, needed a technology solution that enables it to efficiently manage its operations, allowing for capacity flexibility whilst maintaining quality standards.

As well as the upgrade, VTA Tekniikka Oy are also implementing the Iptor Aperio open API platform. This allows VTA Tekniikka Oy to take advantage of the flexibility of advanced API based integrations and mobile solutions. It also means future upgrades will be straightforward as VTA Tekniikka Oy will run the standard solution, with any customer specific development placed outside of the core, thanks to Iptor’s Aperio platform. Furthermore, VTA Tekniikka Oy are participating with Iptor on co-development of standard DC1 features not only adding value to their operations, but also benefitting other companies who’s business involves the import of goods, sales, distribution, service and assembly.

Kristian Niklasson, Iptor President, Nordics, said, “I am delighted that VTA Tekniikka Oy has continued to show its trust in our technology solutions. As a long-standing customer, we understand their business needs and we look forward to working together to ensure our partnership and technology is fit for them in the long-term.”

VTA Tekniikka Oy comments, “Iptor’s technology is a perfect fit for our business. Upgrading to DC1 was an easy decision as Iptor continually develop and invest in their software and services, including the Aperio open API platform which will be extremely beneficial to our mobile requirements and for future upgrades. We are delighted to continue working with them.”

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