Iptor and Meridian IT Australia sign Master IaaS Agreement

25th August, 2020 – Iptor, a leader in distribution and supply chain management, planning, and logistics software and services, today announces that is has signed an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) agreement with Meridian IT Australia. Meridian IT offers its customers an end-to-end service for the design, implementation, and support of enterprise information systems.

Developed to meet an increasing demand from customers to migrate from on-premise to cloud solutions, the agreement enables Iptor to provide a cost-effective, secure, reliable, and high-performance SaaS solution which is managed in the Asia Pacific region.

With Iptor as the sole vendor, it is responsible for the application software (Iptor DC1 and IP1) and infrastructure with the provision of associated maintenance, support, and professional services wrapped up in a SaaS package. As a result, customers will have a single vendor touchpoint, as opposed to multiple, often competing providers. Both IBM iSeries and IBM X86 are included in the solution and the IaaS is provisioned in the NextDC data centers based in Sydney and Brisbane – minimizing latency for customers in the region.

Paul Nobbs, Iptor Regional President, APAC, said, “We are delighted to enter into this agreement with Meridian IT. Our customers increasingly want to simplify their technological life. Moving to a SaaS solution is key to this – as is the need to work with trusted, proven suppliers and partners. The combination of Iptor and Meridian IT, with their local knowledge and expertise, gives our APAC customers just that as they look for an alternative to upgrading their on-premise hardware.”

Karell Garcia, Sales Executive, Global Sales, Meridian IT Australia, said, “The Meridian Iptor partnership allows Iptor to offer its applications in the cloud. This scalable software as a service (SaaS) model enables Iptor’s clients in the Asia-Pacific region to quickly right size to meet todays dynamic business needs.”

About Meridian Group International

Meridian Group International is a leading global information technology services and equipment leasing company. Meridian combines deep global expertise and end-to-end capabilities with the world’s leading technologies to deliver creative solutions that fuel new business outcomes. From ideation, implementation, management, and financing, Meridian helps its clients adopt new technologies and navigate new processes to execute on its mission of solving its clients’ complex business, technology, and financial challenges. Meridian’s 800+ employees are globally positioned and dedicated to bringing the best solution forward with their clients’ business, technology, and financial objectives in mind.

About Iptor

Iptor is a global leader in enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, planning and logistics software and services. Iptor helps distribution-focused organizations solve their most complex order management and fulfilment challenges within fast-moving, multi-channel and global supply chains, turning them into growth opportunities.

Serving 1,250 customers with 4,000 installations in more than 40 countries, Iptor provides fully integrated enterprise solutions, with highly adaptable and robust software backed by world-class support from distribution and supply chain experts. With its micro-services orientated cloud platforms and the use of smart technologies, Iptor offers compelling value to customers across the Technical Wholesale, Pharma and Publishing sectors. For more information, visit: www.iptor.com.

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